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The Ministry of Women and Child Development has developed a reader titled ‘Raising Happy Children and Providing Safe Childhoods to protect children from being involved in delinquent behavior through early detection, counselling and positive engagement

Image of the happy children

Image of the Happy Children

Image of the happy children

Key Points:

  • In the fast-changing world, it has been observed that children have limited interaction with those around them and have become more withdrawn due to the impact of technology.
  • Children in collectivist cultures were brought up with the confidence that they could approach any member of their community when in need of help but this reliance on the community is diminishing with time.
  • Forcefulness experienced by children in their lives makes them react in a negative manner.
  • Children coming from different class, caste and religion face different kind and levels of deprivation in this changing politico-economic structure.
  • Every child is different and deserves support that is specifically tailored to their own needs and circumstances
  • The six major deprivations that affect majority of children in India include
Image of Key points

Image of Key Points

Image of Key points

  • An inadequate home life is a major contributor to delinquency, increasing the chances of a child committing criminal offences.

The Three Divisions of the Reader:

  • For parents
  • For teachers
  • For community members
Image of the three divisions of the reader

Image of the Three Divisions of the Reader

Image of the three divisions of the reader

Ministry of Women and Child Development

  • The Ministry of Women and Child Development, a branch of the Government of India
  • The apex body for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to women and child development in India.
  • The current minister for the Ministry of Women and Child Development is Maneka Gandhi

- Published/Last Modified on: May 27, 2017


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