Reform and Broaden Tax Net PM Narendra Modi Outlines RAPID and Five-Point Mantra


RAPID and five-point mantra announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tax officials to reform and broadens the direct tax net base and the new five point charter for tax administrators. Earlier during the inaugurating Rajasva Gyan Sangam it was announced, a two-day Annual Conference of Senior Tax Administrators in New Delhi.

Revenue Accountability Probity Infirmation and Digitization

Revenue Accountability Probity Infirmation and Digitization

Image of RAPID- Revenue Accountability Probity Infirmation and Digitization

Key Facts

  • The five point charter aims to bring reorganization to country’s age old and redundant revenue administration, which still has a huge hangover of the British colonial legacy.
  • It also aims to make the tax system calmer and reachable for the tax payers at the same time make it challenging to the defaulters who turn the system.
  • It precedes into consideration the necessity of the hour i. e. introduction economic reforms in the revenue sector for educating deference for the law of the land among common citizens.
  • It also secondarily inches towards decreasing the weight of so-called ‘tax payment’ which is intensely fixed in our fixed edifice of the tax administration.

About Rajasva Gyan Sangam

  • It is a national platform which is aims to measure the performance of the year gone by and to measure on developing issues without any hierarchical barriers.
  • PM Modi also motivated the revenue officers for achieving high standards in taxpayer friendly service in view of fast paced changes in the world economy during the conference.
  • He also requested the senior tax officials to expand the tax spenders base from the existing 5.4 crore to 10 crore households.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 20, 2016