Renowned Archaeologist VN Misra passed away


The prominent archaeologists of post - Independent India, Virendra Nath Misra passed away in Pune, Maharashtra. He passes away at age 81. He was known as the leader of Indian prehistoric archaeology and for his widespread field studies and diggings in Central India and Rajasthan.

  • He had made several significant assistances to the reconstruction of India’s prehistoric past.

About Virendra Nath Misra:

  • He welcomed from Uttar Pradesh and joined Pune based Deccan College after completing his graduation degree in Anthropology from Lucknow University.
  • He also had served as Director of Deccan College in 2000 and had retired as Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology in 1995.
  • He had founded a devoted society for pre - historic studies and started an international research journal – Man and Environment in 1977.

About his honors and achievements:

  • One of his notable achievements is excavations at the world heritage site of Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh and the 6, 000 - year - old site of Balathal in Rajasthan.
  • These excavations are considered as the turning points in history of ancient India.
  • Madhya Pradesh government had awarded him prominent VS Wakankar Award for his contribution to pre - history of India.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 3, 2015