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Web-based tool to monitor spread of fake news on social media platforms is developed by Researchers from University of Michigan in US. Tool uses Platform Health Metric called Iffy Quotient & will supposedly draw data from 2 external entities namely NewsWhip & Media Bias/Fact Checker.

Image of False News

Image of False News

Image of False News

What is Iffy Quotient: Working of Tool

  • The Iffy Quotient is the first public measurement tool. It draws data from two external entities. The Iffy Quotient works by compiling a set of the 5,000 most popular URLs interacted with on a social media platform on any given day, which is provided by NewsWhip. Each of the 5,000 articles is then screened by Media Bias/Fact Check, which is a service that determines whether a source contains misinformation or bias.
  • News Whip will collect URLs from hundreds of thousands of sites each day & then it will gather information abt engagements of these sites on Facebook & Twitter.

  • Iffy Quotient will fetch information by querying NewsWhip for top 5000 most popular URLs Facebook & twitter.

  • Then tool will check using information at Media Bias/Fact checker whether URL is classified as iffy, ok, or unknown.


  • It is social media engagement tracking firm to collect URLs of thousands of sites everyday & collect information whether these sites have involvement in Facebook & Twitter.

Media Bias/Fact Checker

It divides URL into 3 categories:

  • ‘Iffy’: if website is on questionable source or conspiracy list

  • ‘OK’: if websites on lists such as Left Bias, Right Bias or Satire

  • ‘Unknown’: if website is not on any of lists.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 7, 2018

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