Rightsizing the Competition Commission of India

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Rightsizing the Competition Commission of India (CCI) is approved from One Chairperson & 6 Members to One Chairperson & 3 Members. Rightsizing will be done by not filling existing 2 vacancies of members & one more additional vacancy which is expected in September 2018.

Competition Commission of India


  • Decision of rightsizing is in line w/Govt. objectives of ‘Minimum Govt. - Maximum Govt.’
  • In major jurisdictions like Japan, US & UK Competition Authorities are of similar size.
  • It pursuance of Govt. ′ s objectives of easing mergers & amalgamation process in country.
  • It will help in faster turnaround in hearings, resulting in speedier approvals that will help in stimulating business processes of corporates & result in greater employment opportunities.

Competition Commission of India (CCI)

  • Formed in - 2003
  • Headquarters - New Delhi
  • Current Chairperson - Devendra Kumar Sikri
  • Presently CCI has 1 Chairperson & 4 Members.
  • Functions under Ministry of Cooperate Affairs.
  • Eliminates practices that adversely affect competition in diff. industries & protect interests of consumers & ensure freedom of trade.
  • Gives opinion on competition issues on reference received from statutory authority established under any law & undertakes competition advocacy, create public awareness & impart training on competition issues.
Competition Commission of India

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