Rio 2016: Michael Phelps Wins Men’S 200m Individual Medley for 22<Sup>nd</Sup> Gold (Download PDF)

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Michael Phelps grabbed a dominant victory in the 200m individual medley in Rio 2016 game at Rio de Janeiro. He became the third Olympian to win the same individual event at four straight in Rio 2016 game.

Michael Phelps
  • In Rio de Janerio the gold was Phelps fourth straight gold and overall this is 22nd gold.
  • In Olympic history Phelps is the first swimmer to win his first four events in the pool at a men՚s single Game.
  • 200m individual medley was the only event in the 2016 Games. In this event two competed against each other.
  • In Summer Olympics 2016 Phelps won medals in following games:
Name of Game in Summer Olympics 2016 Phelps Won Medals

Key Details of Game:

  • Michael Phelps won the swimming՚s most anticipated events at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
  • Al Oerter and Carl Lewis long jump in achieving the feat.
  • Michael Phelps dominating the field and co-player Ryan Lochte for the win.
  • Ryan Lochte runs after 100m, but he was only 0.01 seconds ahead of Phelps and Brazil՚s Thiago Pereira.
  • Japanese swimmer Kosuke Hagino won the 400m IM event in this week and got the silver medal.
  • Lochte had to settle for fifth, while China՚s Wang Shun finished third.
  • Phelps holds the world record in the event at 1: 54.66. He was also the 2015 World Champion.
  • Brazil՚s Thiago Pereira and China՚s Wang Shun won the second and third place in the event Man՚s 200m Individual Medley.

Man՚s 200m Individual Medley Winners:

Table of Mans 200m Individual Medley Winners
Man՚s 200m Individual Medley
PlaceSwimmer NameCountryTime
1Michael PhelpsUSA1: 54.66
2Kosuke HaginoJPN1: 56.61
3Wang ShunCHN1: 57.05
4Hiromasa FujimoriJPN1: 57.21
5Ryan LochteUSA1: 57.47
6Philip HeintzGER1: 57.48
7Thiago PereiraBRA1: 58.02
8Daniel WallaceGBR1: 58.54

- Published/Last Modified on: August 12, 2016


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