River Information System has been launched by Union Government (Download PDF)

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Union Government has launched India’s first ever River Information System (RIS) which facilitate safe and accurate inland waterway navigation. This system will be implemented in phases.

  • The first phase will cover 145-km stretch of National Waterways 1 on the Ganges River.
  • Inland Waterway Authority of India (IWAI) is implementing RIS in India which is statutory body under the aegis of Union Ministry of Shipping.

About River Information Services (RIS):

  • To improve transport and traffic processes in inland water navigation RIS are made up by combination of modern tracking equipment comprising of hardware and software designed.
  • The system is capable for enhance swift electronic data transfer between mobile vessels and Base stations (on shore) from advance and real-time exchange of information.
  • And the main objective behind this is to update the exchange of information via Very high frequency (VHF) wireless communication between waterway operators and users.

This system would facilitate:

  • Enhancement of inland navigation safety in ports and rivers.
  • Better use of the inland waterways.
  • Environmental protection.
  • With this implementation following risks can be avoided:
  • Ship-to-Ship collisions.
  • Ship-Bridge collisions.
  • Groundings.

This system has successfully implementation phase in many countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, China and US.

  • The RIS system will be later extended up to Varanasi in two more phases and in Phase-II, it will cover stretch from Farakka to Patna (410 Km. )

- Published/Last Modified on: January 8, 2016

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