River Information System has been launched by Union Government


Union Government has launched India’s first ever River Information System (RIS) which facilitate safe and accurate inland waterway navigation. This system will be implemented in phases.

  • The first phase will cover 145-km stretch of National Waterways 1 on the Ganges River.
  • Inland Waterway Authority of India (IWAI) is implementing RIS in India which is statutory body under the aegis of Union Ministry of Shipping.

About River Information Services (RIS):

  • To improve transport and traffic processes in inland water navigation RIS are made up by combination of modern tracking equipment comprising of hardware and software designed.
  • The system is capable for enhance swift electronic data transfer between mobile vessels and Base stations (on shore) from advance and real-time exchange of information.
  • And the main objective behind this is to update the exchange of information via Very high frequency (VHF) wireless communication between waterway operators and users.

This system would facilitate:

  • Enhancement of inland navigation safety in ports and rivers.
  • Better use of the inland waterways.
  • Environmental protection.
  • With this implementation following risks can be avoided:
  • Ship-to-Ship collisions.
  • Ship-Bridge collisions.
  • Groundings.

This system has successfully implementation phase in many countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, China and US.

  • The RIS system will be later extended up to Varanasi in two more phases and in Phase-II, it will cover stretch from Farakka to Patna (410 Km. )

- Published/Last Modified on: January 8, 2016