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Ministry of Road Transport has made digital driving license & vehicle’s RC papers stored in Digi Lockers are now legally recognized at par w/original documents as per IT Act 2000 & is valid under Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Image of How to use the DigiLocker

Image of How to Use the DigiLocker

Image of How to use the DigiLocker

Background on Accepting Digilockers

  • Number of suggestions & RTI applications were received in which citizens have raised issues that travel documents including DL & RC to be legalized on Digi Locker or mParivahan app.

  • Govt. ‘s Digi Locker platform built by Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, has facility to pull citizen’s Driving Licence or Registration Certificate or any other certificate in electronic form.

  • These documents on Digi Locker or mParivahan are now legally recognized at par w/original documents as per provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000.

Other Digital Initiatives of Road Transport Ministry

  • Data related to insurance of new vehicles & renewal date of car’s insurance is being uploaded by Insurance Board (IiB) on Govt. ‘s Vahan database.

  • Same will be reflected on mParivahan/eChallan app of Ministry. If vehicle registration details on mParivahan/eChallan app contain details of policy which is in-force, then requirement of physical copy of insurance certificate is not to be enforced confirmed notification.

  • Govt. in its notification has made it very clear to every State to accept DLs & Vehicle papers on Digi Locker & mParivahan.

  • During offence when documents are required to impound vehicle, law agency can access Vahan. Sarthi database online thru eChallan system & therefore eliminating need of physically seizure of any such documents.

Image of Benefits of DigiLocker

Image of Benefits of DigiLocker

Image of Benefits of DigiLocker

How DL & RC Can Be Stored in DigiLockers?

  • DigiLocker is cloud storage system launched in September 2016 to enable users to store all their govt. documents in digital format.

  • Service was launched to help in integration of mobile application Digi Locker w/driving licence & vehicle registration certificate.

  • We just need to have Aadhaar card linked to your cell number to open account.

  • Driving Licences & Vehicle Registration documents can be issued directly to Digi lockers of individuals in digital formats. These can be shared w/other departments for verification purpose.

  • Integration will bring paradigm shift in vision of paperless governance. It will serve to bring agility & efficiency to entire process of issuance of driving licenses & vehicle registration certificates thru IT enablement.

How to Use DigiLocker

  • Go to DigiLocker website or downloand DigiLocker app on smartphone. Using Aadhaar number & mobile number we can create user ID using OTP.

  • If some organisation has uploaded any of e-documents, we can see it in account. We can upload our own documents & e-sign them.

  • We get facility of sharing documents w/others by sharing link to e-document.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 25, 2018

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