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IIT Madras has developed a robot to check pipelines for leaks and other faults named Endobot. This robot is to be marketed by an IIT Madras incubated startup, Salinas Integrity. According to Centre for Nondestructive Evaluation in IIT Madras since water pipes typically have an inner diameter of at least 15 inches, it suits the purpose well.

This image show in Robots can check pipelines

This Image Show in Robots Can Check Pipelines

This image show in Robots can check pipelines

Endobot Development & Features

  • The electrically-powered robot looks like a small tank, runs within the pipe on four wheels connected using a conveyor belt.

  • It is tethered to the entry point outside the pipe.

  • Endobot is about 6 inches high and can study any pipe having a diameter more than 8 inches.

  • This construction allows it to run over tough terrain within the pipe without stalling.

  • The team has already completed one set of trials within IIT Madras campus, where many pipes and installations are nearly 40 years old. They are now in talks with various urban corporations to allow them to try out the robot. Some municipalities have expressed interest in pilot studies using the robot.

  • Endobot is presented as a solution that can identify these faults and stealthy connections, at a low cost.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 9, 2019


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