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Next Week! ! COP23/CMP13 – UNFCC 📹 Rohingya Crisis: Key: Citizenship. Displacement, persecution, travel restriction, access to health care. 📹 NRC (National Registration Card) – 1947 constitution – held till 1962.2012 violence - planned.

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Rohingya Crisis & State of Stateless People (Current Affairs 2017 - 18) (In - English)

Dr. Manishika Jain explains Rohingya Crisis & State of Stateless People

Image of Myanmar's Fleeing Rohingya

Image of Myanmar’S Fleeing Rohingya

Image of Myanmar’s Fleeing Rohingya

About Myanmar

  • Buddhist Dominated
  • Speak Burmese
Image of About Rohingyas

Image of About Rohingyas

Image of About Rohingyas

📹 About Rohingyas

  • Ethic Muslim Minority (Sunni Islam)
  • Speak Bengali
  • Mainly form Rakhine State (Myanmar)
  • Considered illegal Bengali immigrants by Myanmar
  • 1982: Myanmar Citizenship Law denies Rohingya Muslim Citizenship despite people there living in for generations
  • Stateless entity
  • Lack legal protection from Myanmar Govt.
  • Mass migration & dubbed as “Boat People” – Myanmar in final stages of organized genocide
  • One of the most persecuted minorities in the world by UN


  • Military crackdown by Myanmar Army
  • Violence started after Rohingya militants belonging to Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (also known as Harakat al-Yaqeen or Faith Movement) attacked police posts in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state

📹 Operation Insaaniyat

  • Humanitarian assistance to Bangladesh
  • Heavy influx of refugees from Myanmar
  • Airlift relief material from India to Bangladesh
  • C-17 Globemaster strategic heavy lift cargo - 55 Tons of relief material to Chittagong, Bangladesh

Bangladesh’S Five-Point Proposal

  • Myanmar to stop violence and practice of ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State unconditionally, immediately and forever.
  • UN Secretary General to immediately send fact-finding mission to Myanmar.
  • All civilians, irrespective of religion and ethnicity, are to be protected in Myanmar using safe zones inside Myanmar under UN supervision.
  • Sustainable return of all forcibly displaced Rohingyas in Bangladesh to their homes in Myanmar
  • Recommendations of Kofi Annan Commission Report must be implemented immediately, unconditionally and entirely.

📹Kofi Annan Foundation and Advisory Commission on Rakhine State Report

  • National entity with majority of members from Myanmar
  • Examine challenges faced by Rakhine state
  • Founded in Sept 2016 – impartial body for welfare
  • 6 local & 3 international experts – Chaired by Kofi Annan
  • 📹 Final Report in Aug 2017 -“Towards a Peaceful, Fair and Prosperous Future for the People of Rakhine”

Key Ideas

  • Humanitarian and developmental issues
  • Access to basic services
  • Legal questions including citizenship
  • Assurance of basic rights
  • Security to all people in all communities.

Final Recommendations

Socio-Economic Development

  1. Local communities must benefit from natural resource
  2. Adequate compensation
  3. Construct planned airport at Mrauk –U
  4. Vocational training
  5. Improve irrigation
  6. Climate resilient measures


  1. Accelerate citizenship verification
  2. Clear strategy & timeline
  3. Verified individuals to be given benefit immediately
  4. Regulate rights of non-citizens
  5. Clarify residency rights

Freedom of Movement

  1. Identify existing restrictions
  2. Prohibit informal restrictions including unofficial payments and arbitrary roadblocks

Communal Participation and Representation

Internally Displaced People

  1. Swift action on camp closures
  2. Cooperate with international partners
  3. Dignified living conditions in camps
  4. Improve shelter, water and sanitation

Cultural Development

  1. Declare Mrauk-U as UNESCO heritage site
  2. Internal communal cohesion and dialogue


  1. Combine political, developmental, security and human rights approaches to address the root causes of violence
  2. Simplify security infrastructure
  3. Improve training
  4. Bilateral cooperation
  5. Unified agency for all policing, with a single chain of command

Focus Areas in News (Week 46 - 2017)!

  • COP23 📹
  • Anti-Profiteering Authority – GST 📹 📹
  • Particulate Matter – BS-VI grade auto fuels
  • PMAY – Changes in carpet area
  • Aadi Mahotsav (Tribal Festival)
  • ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) – Bharat 22 📹
  • BharatNet – Fibre Optics 📹
  • Ease of Doing Business – India’s Long Jump! 📹
  • Debate on “Curbing Artistic Freedom” (Editorial) 📹
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Rohingya Crisis & State of Stateless People (Current Affairs 2017 - 18) (In - Hindi)

Dr. Manishika Jain explains Rohingya Crisis & State of Stateless People

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