Rule of Law: (Yojana September 2020) (Download PDF)

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Rule of Law

  • Law embedded within society
  • Vehicle for social engineering and orderly functioning
  • Peace, order, justice, and equality
  • Instrument of change
  • Establish authority and power
  • Procedural tools for accountability and resolving disputes
  • Disobedience to law leads to corruption
  • Transparency, predictability, stability, accountability, due process.
  • States seeks to order the behavior of individuals
  • Law defines structure of government by ordering power
  • Law serves as order contestation – promote accountability and resolve disputes
  • Law act as signpost, expression, and guide people on how to act

Constitution of India Enshrines Principles of Justice

  • Part III of constitution is fundamental rights – civil and political and cannot be interfered by legislation and executive
  • Supreme Court is protector of civil liberties by interpretation of Article 14,19 and 21
  • Public Interest Litigation – departure form judicial proceedings (upheld rights of disadvantaged)
  • Law promotes, enforce, and protects rights.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 23, 2020

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