Russian Warplane was shot down by Turkey


Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on Tuesday near Syria border, they said that they ignored warnings and this warplane had crossed into its air space. The two pilots are killed in a long - feared escalation in tensions between Russia and NATO.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin said that they had attacked on plane when it was within 1 km inside Syria for this he criticizes “stab in the back” and warned of “significant consequences. ” And he also said that “We will never tolerate such crimes like the one committed today”
  • Turkey explain in latter to the U. N. Security Council, that the warplane was shot down while it is in the turkey’s air space and also said that the in 17 seconds aircraft had flown more than a mile in to Turkey, and while approaching to change direction despite has warned 10 times in 5 minutes.
  • Tayyip Erdogan the President of Turkish said that “Nobody should doubt that we made our best efforts to avoid this latest incident. But everyone should respect the right of Turkey to defend its borders” in a speech at Ankara.
  • In Washington, President Barack Obama said Turkey “has a right to defend its territory and its airspace. “
  • According to separate footage from Turkey’s Anadolu Agency showed two pilots drop out of the jet before it crashed.
  • Rebel Turkmen forces deputy commander of Syria said his men shot both pilots dead as they came down. The Russian military confirmed one pilot had been shot dead from the ground and another soldier died during a rescue operation.
  • A senior Turkish authoritative said at least one of the pilots could still be alive. “It’s not a fact but a possibility. We’re trying to verify the information and taking all necessary steps to facilitate their return, ” the official said

- Published/Last Modified on: November 25, 2015