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In a major setback to the Indian automotive industry, the SC has banned the sale and registration of BS-III emission norm-compliant vehicles from April 1,2017, when environmentally friendly BS-IV emission norms will come into force across the country.

SC bans sale, registration of BS-III vehicles

SC Bans Sale, Registration of BS-III Vehicles

SC bans sale, registration of BS-III vehicles

About Bharat Stage Emission Standards:

  • Emission standards instituted by the Government of India to regulate.
  • Output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment, including motor vehicles.
  • The standards, based on European regulations were first introduced in 2000.
  • All the vehicle-registering authorities under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
  • From 1 April 2017, BS-IV fuel emission standards will kick in and all new vehicles have to comply it.
  • SC bench held that health of the citizen is more important than the commercial interests of the automobile industry.

Non-road diesel engines:

  • Construction Machinery
  • Agricultural tractors

Criticism and commentary:

  • Ineffectiveness of present pollution control system
  • Comparison between Bharat Stage and Euro norms
  • Non-existence of CO2 limits
  • Lag behind Euro standards
  • Cycle beating

BS-IV Engines:

  • BS-IV compliant engines differ in the electronics, sensor system, and its ability to process low-sulphur fuel and their “after-exhaust” system that determines emissions.
  • Conveyed to the apex court that technically and financially it was impractical to convert BS III vehicles to BS IV.
  • Unsold inventories form miniscule part of 19 crore vehicles are already on Indian roads.
  • Passenger vehicles compliant with BS-III emission norms vary widely from their BS-IV compliant engines, depending on the size of the car and whether they are petrol or diesel versions.
  • BS-III to BS-IV will lead to substantial reductions in particulate matter emissions.


  • Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers had submitted the companies had a stock of 8.25 lakh BS III compliant vehicles.
  • Auto industry has been ready with BS-IV manufacturing since 2010.
  • The sale of BS-IV vehicles was not possible, nationwide, due to lack of BS-IV fuel.
  • Vehicle manufacturers have argued that they were entitled to make BS-III vehicles.
  • The sale and registration of these vehicles should not be prohibited after the introduction of BS-IV norms.
  • The BS III vehicles is on the manufacture and sale of new vehicles – and in no way affects vehicles you may have already purchased and are currently using.
  • Applies to vehicles that may be booked and invoiced, and not yet delivered to actual individual buyers.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 6, 2017


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