SWAYAM launched by the human resource development ministry (Download PDF)

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About SWAYAM: SWAYAM stands for Study Webs of Active - Learning for Young Aspiring Minds. It is a MOOC (Massive Open On - line Courses) platform which will be used to learn from anywhere regardless of their situation as long as they have internet access.

About courses provides by SWAYAM:

  • Currently, SWAYAM is expected to offer three different courses - one from UC Berkeley’s Umesh Vazarani’s and two from IIT Bombay.
  • SWAYAM is going to use openedX as its MOOC platform.
  • The Open edX platform is a free and open source course management system (CMS) that was originally developed by edX.
  • The Open edX platform is used all over the world to host Massive Open Online Courses as well as smaller classes and training modules.
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore has also joined edX and it will also host online course soon.

The courses are:

  • Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation: By UC Berkeley
  • This course will offer basic theoretical overview to significant mechanics and major computation.
  • Introduction to Computer Programming: By IIT Bombay
  • This course is divided into two parts and it also offers learners with a base in Computer Programming.
  • Thermodynamics: By IIT Bombay

This basic course in thermodynamics has been designed for the students of mechanical engineering.

Students will learn the concept and terms used in thermodynamics with exact definitions.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 23, 2015

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