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Ministry of Earth Science launched Sagar Vani, an integrated information dissemination system to serve coastal community, especially anglers with advisories and alerts towards safety at Sea. Developed by ESSO-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS).

Cyclone Warning Organisational Structure

Cyclone Warning Organisational Structure

Cyclone Warning Organisational Structure

  • Software platform with dissemination modes integrated on a single central server.
  • Includes multi lingual SMS, voice call or audio advisory, social media integration, mobile apps, email, fax, Global Trading Systems, digital display boards, Interactive Voice Response, radio and television broadcast units, and cloud channels.
  • Access to various stakeholders (State Fishery Departments, Disaster Management Authorities, NGOs) to further disseminate ocean information and alerts to the user community.
  • Compares with the most advanced services in terms of speed, diverseness and omni channel capabilities.
  • Disseminate services in local languages using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Process of IMD Cyclone Warning (Important)

Cyclone warnings issued to state officials in four stages:

  • First Stage- “Pre Cyclone Watch”

    • Issued 72 hours in advance warning of cyclonic disturbance in north Indian Ocean likely to intensify into a tropical cyclone with coastal belt likely to experience adverse weather.
    • Issued by the Director General of Meteorology and addressed to the Cabinet Secretary
  • Second Stage Warning- “Cyclone Alert”

    • Issued at least 48 hrs. in advance of the adverse weather over coastal areas.
    • Contains information on the location and intensity of the storm, likely direction of movement, intensification, coastal districts likely to experience adverse weather and advice to fishermen, general public, media and disaster managers.
    • Issued by the concerned ACWCs and CWCs and CWD at HQ.
  • Third Stage Warning- “Cyclone Warning”

    • Issued at least 24 hours in advance of adverse weather over the coastal areas including prediction of landfall point.
    • Issued by ACWCs, CWCs and CWD at HQ at 3 hourly interval providing position of cyclone and its intensity, likely point and time of landfall, associated heavy rainfall, strong wind and storm surge along with their impact and advice to general public, media, fishermen and disaster managers.
  • Fourth Stage Warning - “Post Landfall Outlook”

    • Issued by the concerned ACWCs, CWCs, and CWD at HQ at least 12 hours in advance of landfall.
    • Provides direction of the cyclone after its landfall and adverse weather likely to be experienced in the interior areas.

Colors of Warning (IMD Cyclylone)

Different colour codes as mentioned below are being used since post monsoon season of 2006 the different stages of the cyclone warning bulletins as desired by the National Disaster Management.

Table contain shows the Colors of Warning

Table contain shows the Colors of Warning

Stage of warning

Colour code

Cyclone Alert


Cyclone Warning


Post landfall out look


IMD Port Warning

Port authorities or ports affected by disturbed weather warned by concerned ACWCs and CWCs through port warnings to hoist appropriate Storm Warning Signals.

IMD “Fleet Forecast” for Indian Navy

  • Coastal Bulletins for Indian coastal areas covering up to 75 km from the coastline
  • Sea area bulletins for the sea areas beyond 75 km.

IMD: Frequency of Warnings

Special warnings issued for anglers four times a day in normal weather and three hourly with four stage warning system.

  • Coastal residents and anglers are warned by State Government officials, through All India Radio and National Television (Doordarshan).
  • Warning dissemination for fishermen through World Space Digital Based radio receivers under planning.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 21, 2017


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