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India-Indonesia Naval exercise was started in the Port of Surabaya in Indonesia in the first week of November 2019 with a common objective to strengthen bilateral relations, expand maritime cooperation and enhance interoperability thereby exchanging the best practices. The joint exercise consists of manoeuvres, surface warfare exercises, air defense exercises, weapon firing drills, helicopter operations and boarding operations.

Samudra Shakti Naval Exercise

Samudra Shakti Naval Exercise

Samudra Shakti Naval Exercise


  • During the visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Indonesia both the nations agreed to set up their Defence and maritime cooperating and comprehensive strategic partnership.

  • This naval exercise started with Harbour phase encompassing planning and briefing on various activities, professional interactions, cross deck visits along with social interactions.

  • The Harbour phase will be followed by a Sea phase which includes operations such as joint manoeuvres, helicopter operations, surface warfare exercises, Air Defence exercises, Anti-submarine warfare, Anti-Piracy exercise.

  • Anti-Submarine warfare INS Kamorta being an Anti-Submarine warfare is a joint exercise with Indonesian warship KRI Usmam Harun, a multi-role corvette in the Bay of Bengal.

INS Kamorta

  • INS Kamorta is the first anti-submarine Kamorta-class stealth corvettes build by the Indian Navy.

  • It is a small, manoeuvrable lightly armed warship.

  • It was build and designed by the Garden Research Shipbuilders & Engineering (GRSE) launched on 2010.

  • Kamorta has a length of 109m beam of 13.7m and the ship displace about 3500 tonnes at full load.

  • A four 5,096 (3,800kw) diesel engines at 1,050 rpm supplies power to the INS Kamorta.

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