Satya Pal Jain: Part Time Member of 21st Law Commission


Satya Pal Jain an additional Solicitor General of India and former Parliamentarian was appointed as a part-time member of the 21st Law Commission of India to present charge as an Additional Solicitor General of India.

About Satya Pal Jain

  • Satya Pal Jain is a well-known constitution lawyer and senior BJP leader.
  • He also had served as the Dean of the Law Faculty of Panjab University and currently is a Member of the Panjab University Senate.
  • He has served as lawyer in various important civil and criminal cases, Presidential election disputes, Liberhan Commission of Enquiry, various election petitions and other important civil and criminal cases.
  • In 1996 (11th Lok Sabha) and 1998 (12th Lok Sabha) he was appointed as Member of Parliament (MP) from Chandigarh.


  • The 21st Law Commission of India has been constituted by President Pranab Mukherjee in September 2015.
  • Justice B S Chauhan a retired Judge of the Supreme Court was appointed as its Chairman.
  • Justice Ravi R Tripathi a retired judge of Gujarat High Court and Bimal N Patel Director, GNLU were designated members of this Commission.

About Law Commission of India (LCI)

  • The LCI is a non-statutory and non-constitutional body which was founded by the Union Government from time to time.
  • In 1955 the first commission was established and since then various commissions were re-constituted at every three years.
  • And a retired Supreme Court judge or former Chief Justice of a high court generally head this constitutes.
  • Previously various Law Commissions have submitted 262 reports to make important contribution towards categorization and progressive development of laws of the country.
  • The Secretary Department of Legal Affairs and Secretary, Legislature Department of Union Ministry of Law & Justice are ex-officio members of the Commission.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 13, 2016