Saudi Arabia and Egypt Has Decided to Build Bridge Over the Red Sea (Download PDF)

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Saudi Arabia and Egypt have decided to build bridge which will connect both them over the Red Sea to boost trade and commerce. Saudi Arabia has publicized that an agreement has been reached with Egypt regarding to this.

During official visit of Saudi Arabia’s king Salman to the Egypt this was announced but where the bridge will be situated was not declared in this announcement.

Bridge between Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Bridge between Saudi Arabia and Egypt

Bridge between Saudi Arabia and Egypt over the Red Sea

Key facts:

  • It is hypothesized that the joint bridge will be planned over the Red Sea at the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba.
  • It will be situated at the closest point near Nabq, north of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and Ras Alsheikh Hamid in Saudi Arabia where two countries are 16km apart.
  • To connect the two countries from Africa and Asia continents the project will be act as the pipeline for several years.
  • The walkway bridge would pass through Saudi Arabia’s Tiran Island according to this plane which will be act as a connection between the two countries and landmasses.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 11, 2016

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