Scientists in Netherlands Develop New, Super-Fast Wi – Fi Network (Download PDF)


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Scientists have developed a new wireless Internet based on harmless infrared rays, Which is reportedly 100 times faster than existing Wireless Fidelity networks. According to the researchers, at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

This Wi-Fi is 100 times faster

This Wi-Fi is 100 Times Faster

This Wi-Fi is 100 times faster


  • Wireless data in this network comes from a few central ‘light antennas’.
  • Those are able to precisely direct the rays of light supplied by an optical fibre.
  • Changing the light wavelengths also changes the direction of the ray of light.
  • New network is capable of tracking.
  • Best Wi-Fi systems that are available currently.
  • Users would not be able to get more speed than 300 Megabits in total.
  • These antennas contain a pair of gratings that radiate light rays of different wavelengths at different angles.

About New Wi – Fi System:

  • Almost a hundred times lesser than the speed per ray of light, that can be achieved by the new system.
  • It uses infrared light with wavelengths of 1, 500 nanometers and higher.
  • Wi-Fi uses radio signals with a frequency of 2.5 or five gigahertz.
  • Exact location of every wireless device using its radio signal transmitted in the return direction.
  • New system so far has used the light rays only to download.
  • Uploads are still done using radio signals since in most applications much less capacity is needed for uploading.
  • There is no longer any interference from a neighbouring Wi-Fi network.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 28, 2017


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