Scientists of China have invented new bio-artificial liver


Chinese scientists of china have invented a new bio-artificial liver which can help patients to live after liver failure or not able to an organ transplant. Researchers team from the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences and doctors from Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital have developed this liver in coordination with each other.

About bio-artificial liver:

  • It is an artificial extracorporeal device which will helps a person whose liver is fail or not working properly due to some rezones.
  • Bio-artificial liver is created on bases of human liver cells and it is attached outside a patient’s body.
  • This liver device is totally based on cells taken from human fat, skin or other tissues and is reprogrammed into liver cells.
  • It can help to extend lives of patients with liver failure by recovering patients’ liver functions till suitable donor livers for a transplant is found.
  • The first bio artificial liver device was developed by Dr. Kenneth Matsumara and was named an invention of the year by Time magazine in 2001.
  • Liver cells obtained from an animal were used instead of developing a piece of equipment for each function of the liver.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 18, 2016