Sea Ice Cover is Rising Around Antarctica: NAsA-Led Study (Download PDF)

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According to the new study of NASA-led, sea ice cover around Antarctica has slightly increased. Sharp contrast to the drastic loss of sea ice arising in the Arctic Ocean to global temperature rise, based on the study.

  • Based on satellite radar collected data ocean depth, temperature at sea surface and also involved land form to study.

Key discoveries:

  • The converse phenomenon for this rise of the sea ice cover was detected due to geology of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.
  • The landscape of Antarctica and the depth of the ocean surrounding it is the main two determined geological factors for the risen of ice.
  • These two geological factors are persuading ocean streams and airstreams to drive the creation and development of Antarctica՚s sea ice cover and help endure it.
  • Sea ice procedures and builds up early in the sea ice growth season according to this converse phenomenon.
  • This ice gets broken in future due to winds offshore and northward forming a protective shield of thicker and older ice that mixes around the continent.
  • The determined winds smooth down slope off the landmass plays important role in piling of ice up in contradiction of the massive ice shield, improving its thickness.
  • The thickness of band of this ice differs in unevenly width 100 to 1,000 km.
  • It defends and summarizes younger, thinner ice from being compact by winds and waves.
  • This ice will drifts away from the island as the sea ice cover increases creating ice factories helpful to rapid sea ice growth.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 27, 2016

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