Settings Up Goals for Education in New India 2011-Developing Strong Char.,Ethical & Moral Values (Download PDF)


The vice president stressed upon the stress free education for children. Education: Education is not meant only for degrees and employment but must also develop the overall personality of an individual in a truly holistic manner.

Image of Good Stress and Bad Stress

Image of Good Stress and Bad Stress

Image of Good Stress and Bad Stress

  • Should enable students to make informed choices on their careers

  • Education must empower and enlighten the youth, improve their analytical skills and encourage them to explore new vistas, discover and innovate.

  • Education must not only be accessible but also affordable and must empower and enlighten people.

  • Education must be stress-free.

  • Parents, teachers, schools, and colleges have a huge responsibility in ensuring that the environment at home as well as in schools is de-stressed.

What is the Biggest Challenge for India?

  • India is one of the fastest growing large economies with a predominantly young population.

  • A big challenge for the country is to convert this vast pool of human resources into a demographic dividend and propel India’s growth trajectory to be among the top three economies in the world in the coming years

Why is Education Important?

  • Education is most powerful agencies in molding the character and in determining the future of individuals and nations. The whole realm of education is centered on the development of the moral aspect of man.

Aims of Education

The aims of education are

  • Moral Aim: The teacher, through instruction, is to impart higher ideas to the child with which he/she would control his/her lower impulses

  • Social Aim: Developing proper attitudes and developing responses

  • Behavioral Aim: Character is an inner quality of the personality but it is manifested by outward sign which is called overt acts or conduct

  • Religious Aim: Religious education will give every learner a faith that will keep his/her eyes fixed on a goal, which will stimulate action

  • Environmental Aim: Education in environmental matters teaches responsible conduct by individuals in protecting and improving the environment in its full human dimension

Problems of Preset Day Educational System

  • With a huge expansion of the education system, the standard as measured by the percentage of marks obtained in examinations has been rising to unprecedented competition.

  • There is a marked decline in the character, moral values, and general behaviour of students coming out of schools and colleges.

  • In most educational institutions, there is a total lack of the concept of human development and nation building in the education.

  • The emphasis is on moneymaking and materialism. This has resulted in the gradual erosion of values among people and the body politic.

  • The trend needs to be reversed if India has to survive as a nation and acquire its due place in the world. The only way to arrest this decline is in providing value-orientation in our educational system.

What are the 5 Universal Human Values? Five universal human values are

  • Truth

  • Righteous conduct

  • Peace

  • Love

  • Non-violence

These are directly linked to physical, intellectual, emotional psyche and spiritual facets of human personality. These values are essentially acquired during childhood, first in the home and then at school.

Values to be Imparted to Present Day Children

  • With the availability of electronic media, it should be possible to develop audiovisual capsules based on clippings of films and TV material showing virtues of honesty, integrity, compassion, and selfless service.

  • In addition, short films on real life examples from lives of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Baba Amte will have much greater impact on young minds than sermons on morality.

  • The program for value inculcation can also be enriched by organising visits to homes for destitute children and aged persons to develop values of compassion and kindness.

  • These programmes should also include extension activities and community service by teachers and students that teach dignity of labour and selfless service.

Character Building at Home

  • The most important school for character building is the home.

  • Children observe the behaviour of their parents and siblings, which has marked influence in their own behaviour pattern and habits.

  • Values and habits once formed in childhood are difficult to change.

With both parents having their own career, they are unable to spend significant time with their children who are left to the care of maids or have to fend for themselves. Parents should not feel their duty is done after they send their children to expensive schools.

What Does Value System Contain?

Value system contains

  • A set of beliefs about nature of man

  • Rules laying down what ought and what ought not to be done

  • Motives that incline us to choose the right and wrong course.

Tips to Manage Stress on Children

  • Power naps: Taking a nap in the afternoon will help a lot to reduce stress. A short nap will increase concentration and memory.

  • Visualization: Visualization helps to calm down and detach from what is stressing.

  • Exercise: Exercise will make their mind and body strong and stable. Simple, easy to practice exercises such as breathing exercises can strengthen children’s mind and help reduce stress.

  • Music: Listening to calm music reduces stress and stimulates mind.

  • Staying organized: being systematic and staying organized are the two best steps to reduce stress.

  • Eating right: Eating on time is very important to have a healthy mind and body.

  • Positive thinking: The habit of positive thinking and optimism should be cultivated from childhood to reduce stress and increase peace of mind. It will keep us happy and refresh our mind. It will result in good performances and high grades.

  • Student friendly classrooms: To make the classroom friendly, teachers and school authorities should work hard. EYFS supports child-centered education and it isn’t stressful to children.

  • Learn through fun: A less stressful method needs to be adopted, Letting students learn things through fun and games. Adopting EYFS or School Apps is a better method for this.

  • Effective parent- teacher communication: Parent- teacher communication is necessary to reduce unwanted stress from the minds of children.

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