Shatrujeet Battle Exercise Has Been Conducted by the Indian Army in Rajasthan (Download PDF)


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A major battle exercise ‘Shatrujeet’ is conducted by the Indian Army in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan near to the border with Pakistan. The only aim of the exercise was to assess the ability of the Indian Army and fine tune its active war plan to answer swiftly to any threat to nation’s security.

Key facts:

  • The Mathura based 1 Corps; one of the three principle strike corps of the Indian Army has directed 2016 Shatrujeet battle exercise.
  • It intended to assess the competence of the Indian Army to strike deep into opponent territory in a joint air-land battle environment.
  • It was an operation-oriented exercise which has focused on authenticating combined battle theatre fighting concept.
  • It also combined the new-age technologies, weapon platforms and systems along with long range precision targeting vectors.
  • It was post introductory training exercise manoeuvres at secondary units and creation levels by leading united operational manoeuvres.
  • It primarily authenticated India Army’s operational plans in imitation high tempo combat zone setting and terrain.


  • Indian Army at steady intermissions assumes such battle exercises at altered levels to safeguard forces are provided war-like circumstances and kept in high-state of battle willingness as part of so called Cold Start Doctrine.
  • The policy includes the various branches of India’s military directing offensive operations against enemy (mainly Pakistan) as part of combined battle groups.
  • It would include limited, rapid reinforced drives, with infantry and necessary air support.
  • The aggressive operations must instigate within 48 hours after orders have been issued under it.
  • Such a partial response time would permit Indian forces to wonder their enemy.
  • It is planned to allow India’s conservative forces to perform holding attacks in order to avoid a nuclear revenge from the enemy.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 18, 2016


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