Shodhganga@INFLIBNET Platform to Make Ph.D Thesis Available to Researchers (Download PDF)


University Grants Commission (UGC) has Inter-University Centre (IUC) called INFLIBNET (Information & Library Network. Shodhganga@INFLIBNET is a repository of PhD thesis across the nation.

Image of Shodhganga@INFLIBNET

Image of Shodhganga@INFLIBNET

Image of Shodhganga@INFLIBNET

  • Provides platform for researchers to deposit their PhD theses & make them available to entire scholarly community in open access.

Need for Shodhganga@INFLIBNET

  • Number of PhD students is on the rise.

  • As per All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) data for 2016 - 17, the number of students enrolled is 141037 in various disciplines.

  • It includes Agriculture, Arts, Commerce, Computer Science/Applications, Education, Engineering/Technology, Law, Management, Medicine, Science, Veterinary Science & others.

  • Research is one of the important factors determining the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs).


Image of Shodhganga and its use

Image of Shodhganga and Its Use

Image of Shodhganga and its use

  • Shodhganga is a reservoir of Indian theses. It is a digital repository of theses & dissertations submitted to Indian universities.

  • It is maintained by INFLIBNET Centre.

  • Online availability of electronic theses thru centrally maintained digital repositories will ensure easy access & archiving of these & will help in raising the quality & standard of research.


  • Information & Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre is autonomous Inter-University Centre of University Grants Commission (UGC) of India.

  • This centre is initiated by UGC in March 1991 at Gujarat University Campus, Ahmedabad.

Objectives of INFLIBNET:

  • To promote & establish communication facilities to improve capability in information transfer and access

  • To establish INFLIBNET: Information and Library Network a computer communication network for linking libraries and information centres in universities

  • To facilitate academic communication amongst scientist, engineers, social scientists, academics, faculties, researchers & students thru e-mail, file transfer, computer/audio/video conferencing, etc

  • To establish appropriate control & monitoring system for the communication network & organize maintenance

  • To promote R&D & develop necessary facilities & create technical positions for realizing the objectives of the Centre

  • To generate revenue by providing consultancies & information services

Goals of INFLIBNET Centre:

  • Achieve complete automation of libraries in educational institutions

  • Provide seamless & ubiquitous access to scholarly, peer-reviewed electronic resources to the universities.

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