Singapore Launched First Self-Driving Taxis of the World


Singapore becomes world’s first country to launch first ever self-driving taxi service and this is significant step in latest technology demonstration which shows modernize future transport industry.Singapore based an autonomous vehicle software startup nuTonomy has launched this self-driving taxies and with this it became world’s first entity to offer self-driving taxi for the public rides.

Image nuTonomy self-driving taxis

Image nuTonomy self-driving taxis

Image nuTonomy self-driving taxis

Key Facts

  • nuTonomy conduct public trial for the self-driving taxi after getting green flag from the Singapore government with six cars at the initial phase.
  • It is improved versions of Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric car.
  • Car has six sets of Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging).
  • A car has detection system of lasers which is worked like radar that constantly spins on the roof.
  • To identify obstacles and changes in traffic lights by scanning, two cameras are provided on dashboard.
  • These cars are run under supervision of a computer engineer along with backup human driver if anything goes wrong in trail phase.

About nuTonomy:

  • NuTonomy is a MIT spin-off technology startup company that manufactures software which is used to build self-driving cars and autonomous mobile robots.
  • It was founded in 2013 by Karl Lagnemma (current CEO) and Emilion Frazzoli to develop fully autonomous cars by year 2019.
  • Its headquarter located at Cambridge Massachusetts.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 30, 2016