Sommera cusocoana, a coffee producing tree now endangered


About the tree: It is new coffee tree species with cherry - like fruit that was discovered in north - western Honduras in 2013. It is now critically endangered. It is about 10 metres high and covered with cream - colored flowers.

  • Its name is derived from its locality, the Cusuco National Park.
  • According to the standards of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it must be regarded as Critically Endangered.

About IUCN:

  • IUCN was established on October 5, 1948.
  • It is an international association functioning in the field of nature preservation and maintainable use of natural resources.
  • It is involved in data assembling and examining, research, field projects, advocacy, lobbying and education.
  • Its mission is to “influence, encourage and support societies throughout the world to conserve nature.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 16, 2015