Sound Surveillance Sensors Chain

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India and its friends in its neighbourhood have to be cautious against the threat posed by Sea Wing underwater drones. Sea Wing underwater drones are Chinese underwater glide vehicles, used for snooping. India, Japan, and the US have already prepared themselves to counter Beijing՚s underwater activism.

SOSUS Overview

  • SOSUS is a sonar system.
  • To deter Soviet submarines.
  • SOSUS has been reported to have touched Andaman-Nicobar Islands.
  • Creating a counter- wall against Chinese submarines.
  • The Chinese submarines have been reported to be loitering in the Andaman sea and deep south China sea.
  • This system was developed as a result of US՚s efforts for countering submarine warfare.

A More Sophisticated SOSUS

  • Also known as fish-hook due to its shape and purpose.
  • The older system has been replaced now.
  • To track the PLAN (people՚s liberation Army Navy, China) ships and submarines.
  • The new system consists of:
    • Arrays of hydrophones.
    • Magnetic anomaly detectors on the seabed.
    • Work in coordination with maritime reconnaissance aircrafts to enable a multi-tier ASW (anti-submarine warfare) system.

China՚s Influence

  • Movements of the ships between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean are being tracked by the Chinese.
  • Key channels of international shipping in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Challenging the status quo in the Indo-Pacific:
    • Territorial claims in the South China Sea.
    • Fastening to toe holds in the Indian Ocean.
    • Maritime nations such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Djibouti.
  • Beijing՚s aspiration to become the world՚s largest economy by 2035.
  • An unrivalled geopolitical power by 2050.
  • Testing how glider-type UUVs, possibly versions of the Sea Wing.
    • Acting as communications and data-relay nodes.
    • To help rapidly transmit information.
    • Useful for detecting and tracking foreign submarine movements in the South China Sea.

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