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During 2017 - 18, South Western Railway (SWR) registered best figures & tremendous improvements in key areas of safety pertaining to train operations among all Zonal Railways and was awarded Railway Minister’s Safety Shield for 2017 - 18.

Image of train accidents per million kilometers run

Image of Train Accidents Per Million Kilometers Run

Image of train accidents per million kilometers run

Safety Statics for SWR

  • Number of accidents came down in SWR from 11 in 2014 - 15 to 8 in 2015 - 16, 3 in 2016 - 17 to 01 in 2017 - 18.

Activities & Efforts of SWR for Improving Safety

  • Budget outlay was increased to nearly Rs. 3000 Cr. from Rs. 1000 Cr. few years back.

  • Gate Mitras round of clock are deployed at all unmanned Level crossing gates.

  • 27 Unmanned Level Crossing gates eliminated by Construction of ROB/RUB/subway against target of 25 in 2017 - 18

  • Rashtriya Rail SanrakshaKosh (RRSK) (exclusive Safety Fund) is setup in 2017 - 18 Budget by Ministry. SWR could book funds to tune of Rs. 687 Cr. in 2017 - 18 under this head. Bulk of funds in this head are being spent on track renewals for safety & up gradation of vital assets such as track etc.

  • Shift towards safer LHB coaches.

  • Infrastructure augmentation of maintenance facilities

  • SWR completed 202 Track-Km of rail renewal in 2017 - 18, which is highest ever in history of SWR about 115 % more than that of corresponding figures in 2016 - 17.

  • Safety became first & foremost priority & safety performance has improved thru collective will & rigorous & sustained efforts of all train running staff in SWR through a safety action plan w/motto of “Zero accidents”.

Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Rosh (RRSK)

  • RRSK is dedicated fund for critical safety related works.

  • In budget 2017 - 18, ministry had announced setting up special safety fund w/amount of more than Rs. 1 lakh cr. over period of 5 years.

  • Indian Railway will hire 200, 000 workers over next few years in recruitment drive aimed at strengthening its safety & ground patrolling divisions.

Purpose of Creating RRSK

  • To ensure funds for implementing Safety works on Railways.

  • Decongested network is prone to accidents due to limited margin for error & hence decongesting such network enhances railway safety.

  • Railways have decided to increase passenger fares for raising its resources in order to create a special fund.

  • Safety tax will be levied to generate funds for strengthening track & upgrading signalling system & elimination of unmanned level crossings among other safety-related works to prevent mishaps.

  • The tax on Sleeper, Second Class & AC-3 will be higher while it will be marginal for AC-2 and AC-1.

Unmanned Level Crossing (UMLC)

  • Unmanned level crossing is universal term for where road; path; landing field; or, other pathway intersects railway & has no flagman or other safety feature to prevent crossing path of oncoming train.
  • In India, unmanned level crossings is such huge problems than new safety initiative was begun in last year or so to reduce fatalities & accidents.
  • India has 30, 348 level crossings of which 11, 563 are unmanned.
  • These level crossings account for 40 % of train accidents & 60 % of fatalities due to failure to man crossings.
  • On average, each year 400 people are killed in European Union & over 300 in US in level crossing accidents.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 17, 2018

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