Sporting Optimism and Hope in Rural India, Health and Fitness in Sports (November 2021)

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Sporting Optimism and Hope in Rural India

  • Sports as a social phenomenon and cultural practice has been extensively and intensively affected by the evolution of urban areas.
  • The sports participation in cities has increased dramatically.
  • Effects on the increasing health awareness among the people.
  • People participate in sports and physical exercises for keeping:
    • Fitness
    • Entertainment
    • Communication with friends
    • Mental health
    • Increasing individual physical capability
  • The global sports market is estimated to have reached the $ 458.8 billion in 2019, the same was believed to be at $ 388.3 billion in 2020 due to pandemic.
  • Since 2015, the compound annual growth rate of the sports industry has been 3.4 % and the sports market is expected to reach $ 599.9 billion by 2025 and $ 826.0 billion by 2030.
  • Career profiles in the sports industry are getting varied as well such as athletes, coaches, trainers, event managers, public relation officers, Coordinator of sports organizations, marketing consultant, program and facility manager, professional sports promoter, sports equipment and product sales, sports event planner, manager, and sports sponsorship specialist.
  • One-fifth of the world՚s working age population would be Indian by 2025.
  • There will be 850 million internet users in India by 2030.
  • India՚s five largest cities by 2035 would have economies of comparable size to middle income countries today.
  • The estimated size of the Indian Sports Industry in 2020 is ₹ 5894 crores.
  • Report includes sponsorship spends, celebrity endorsement and media spend on sports properties.

Private Sectors Contribution

  • Organizing various leagues across the sports.
  • Providing opportunity to play the sports professionally.
  • Economic stability as well as fame to the young rising starts in the sports activities.
  • Led to increasing number of start-ups in the sports activities.

Participation in Sports

  • A positive impact on the mental well-being of individuals.
  • Lowers chances of depression, a stronger sense of coherence, less perceived stress.
  • Supports community based public health.
  • Improves the social capital of the whole population along with social inclusion.
  • Positive impacts on educational outcomes.
  • Integral part of commercialization of culture, together with cinema, travel, shopping and eating out.
  • Flourishing sports goods industry.
  • India exports nearly 60 % of the total sports good across the globe.

Way Ahead

  • Major league-based sports tournaments were launched including Indian Premier League (Cricket) , Pro Kabaddi League, Indian Super League (Football) , Premier Badminton League (PBL) and Hockey India League (HIL) .
  • Desired skills and competencies could be achieved by youth development programs focusing on broader developmental needs of youths.
  • To reinforce new skills and knowledge, a comprehensive and holistic approach is needed to address the challenges facing:
    • Youths
    • Families
    • Peer groups
    • Schools
    • Neighbourhood
    • Community

Health and Fitness in Sports

  • Introduction of multiple policy initiatives for training and development of youth.
  • Special emphasis on sports, health, and well-being.
  • Hygiene and sanitation are one of the most important aspects of good health.
  • Swachh Bharat Mission has started showing a positive impact on the overall health indicators of the nation.
  • Over 9.5 crore individual household toilets have been built.
  • Elimination of open defecation has a significant positive impact on health.
  • The implementation of POSHAN Abhiyaan, Integrated Child Development Services and Anaemia Mukt Bharat is being intensified.

Mission POSHAN 2.0

  • Aims to make India ‘Kuposhan Mukt’ .
  • Focuses on a targeted and intensified approach for tackling nutrition with a special focus on vulnerable groups.
  • Collaboration of State Governments, Civil Society and Community-based Organizations for:
    • Generating awareness
    • Promoting household behaviour change
    • Making nutrition a Jan Andolan

Gandhi and His Philosophy

  • A man who experimented with hygiene, fasting, abstinence and vegetarianism.
  • He was an early pioneer in many ways of a healthy lifestyle.
  • He placed tremendous emphasis on self-reliance or ‘Aatmanirbharta’ .
  • He believed that human health and fitness requires a holistic approach one that integrates all aspects of the:
    • Mind
    • Body
    • Environment


  • Emerged as a multi-dimensional solution to many health challenges.
  • The path of Yoga is free from illness, a path to wellnesses.
  • Regular practice offers tremendous benefits.
  • Energies are channelized in a cohesive fashion.
  • A peaceful mental framework leads to:
    • Better imagination
    • Creativity
    • Boosts the intellect
    • Prevents fatigue
    • Strengthens the immune system
  • Effectively prevents pathologies from setting in.
  • Helps to tackle inner tribulations by serving as a medicine for the soul.
  • Untreated inner troubles or conflicts:
    • Insomnia
    • Hypertension
    • Psychiatric disorders
    • Suicidal tendencies
  • Introducing children to Yoga early in their lives along with integration of Yoga education and sports education could reinvigorate ancient Indian practices.
  • The Ministry of AYSUH is also running a campaign ‘Yoga for All’ as part of the Fit India Movement.
  • M-Yoga Application is being developed by the Ministry of AYUSH in association with the WHO for demonstrating Common Yoga Protocols as part of the ‘Be Healthy, Be Mobile’ initiative of the WHO and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) .

AYUSH Based Nutrition

  • The Government of India in 2014 constituted a Ministry of AYUSH to harness traditional learning and systems of medicine.
  • For youth health and well-being, the traditional Indian concept of food is important.
  • All essential requirements of the body have been justified in the concept of a balanced diet explained in Ayurveda.
  • A healthy diet helps in controlling many diseases in their early stages to a great extent.
  • Centers of excellence for Yoga and Wellness have been established.

“Let՚s Play Action Plan”

Released by NITI Aayog in 2016.

Revitalizing Sports in India.

A 20-point action plan which highlights key areas for strengthening the sports ecosystem in the country.

These action points are divided into:

  • A short-term vision (4 to 8 years)
  • A medium to long-term vision (8 to 15 years)

Enlists various initiatives need to be taken for achieving the desired target of 50 medals in the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Making multiple recommendations including strengthening infrastructure for sports through the Public-Private-Partnership mode.

Dedicating a fixed incurred by schools for bolstering sports infrastructure and equipment as well.

Hosting international events at regular intervals.

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