Sri Lanka Announced That They Would Not Any Country to Set up Naval Base on Its Territory

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On Sri Lankan Government territory any country cannot set up naval base this announcement has made by Sri Lankan Government. Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has announced this while he was speaking at the International Maritime Dialogue at Galle, Sri Lanka.

Connotation of this announcement

  • The doubt that Sri Lanka may allow China to use all or part of any of ports for strategic naval military use was clear by the statement of Sri Lankan Prime Minister.
  • This announcement will make major difficulty for Chinese strategy to increase its geopolitical influence of soft diplomacy in Asia, East Africa connectivity and so called String of Pearls Theory.
  • It will be beneficial for India because it will stop Chinese long term plan to extend its sea power and geopolitical influence in the Indian Ocean.

About Pearls Theory

  • For extending its reach down the Indian Ocean and secure its energy security sea lines China was building special strategic and assertive relationships with Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • China was setting up new strategic ports, airfields in Pakistan (Gwadar) , Sri Lanka (Hambantota) and Bangladesh (Chittagong) for seeking to encircle India.
  • To overcome several major maritime choke points for its sea lines such as the Strait of Mandeb, Strait of Malacca, Strait of Hormuz and Lombok Strait
  • Chinese intentions were to increase its geopolitical influence in the Indian Ocean region mainly.

About Naval Base

  • A Naval Base is a Military Port where naval ships are arranged when they do not have any mission in sea.
  • Generally Ships have some minor repairs that are done in Naval base

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