Startup Village Entrepreneurship Program

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The Startup Village Entrepreneurship Program which aims to support entrepreneurs in rural areas to set up local enterprises, is a sub component of Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NRLM) of the Ministry of Rural Development.

The programs՚ long-term vision is to provide support for start-up to 1 crore village enterprises along with direct employment to 2 crore people. Till the enterprises stabilize, this program shall help the rural people come out of poverty by helping them set up enterprises and providing support.

National Rural Livelihood Mission


  • All three missing ecosystems namely knowledge, advisory and finance would be addressed by the programmatic intervention.
  • The program is expected to support creation and strengthening of about 1.82 lakh village enterprises in 125 Block across 24 States in the targeted four years i.e.. , 2015 - 19.
  • An employment generation of about 3.78 lakh persons.
  • The overall objective is to implement the government՚s efforts for stimulating economic growth along with poverty reduction and unemployment in the villages.
  • The community-based institutions monitor the progress of the enterprise and its repayment along with the CRP-EP besides helping in the identification of the potential entrepreneurs and the common resource persons CRP-EPs.

Key Objectives of SVEP

  • By developing a sustainable model for Village Entrepreneurship promotion through integrated ICT techniques and tools for training and capacity building, enterprise advisory services and providing loans from banks/SHG & federations enabling rural poor to set up their enterprises.
  • The enterprises may be individual or group enterprises covering:
    • Manufacturing
    • Services
    • Trading
  • The enterprises should cover traditional skills and new skills apart from existing consumption and production of rural areas, new consumption including the new consumption given by government՚s priorities like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, RURBAN mission, etc.
  • Developing local resources by training a pool of village level community cadre (CRP EP) besides building the capacity of the NRLM and SHG federations for monitoring and directing the work of the CRP-EPs.
  • Assisting the rural entrepreneurs in accessing the finance.
  • In the initial six months of start-up, handholding the rural entrepreneurs/enterprises.

Key Elements of the Programme

  • Creating a Block Resource Centre-Enterprise Promotion (BRC-EP) .
  • Cluster Level Federation (CLF) /VOs.
  • BRC to get assistance by CRP-EP and the Bank Coordination System (Bank Mitra) .
  • Helping enterprises get the bank finance.
  • Using the Community Investment Fund (CIF) .
  • SVEP implementation at the block level would be consisting of:
    • New Enterprise Development
    • Support for existing enterprises
    • Block level activities
    • Other project activities


  • Any rural poor who is willing to be entrepreneurial and self-reliant.
  • Highly vulnerable beneficiaries under MGNREGA.
  • Would be given specific preference in selection of:
    • Marginalized sections
    • Women
    • SC and ST communities
    • Rural artisans

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