States Reject FRA Claims

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States Reject FRA Claims

  • Fourteen states rejected 543,432 claims under SC and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006.
  • West Bengal has rejected about 92 per cent of all reviewed claims i.e.. 54,993 rejections out of 59,526 claims.
States Reject FRA Claims


  • The information was shared by state governments with the Union ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) .
  • The Supreme Court had asked states to evict those claimants under FRA, whose applications had been rejected.
  • At the intervention of the government, the order was subsequently stayed by the court.
  • The states had told MoTA that they had not followed many provisions of FRA in rejecting claims.
  • MoTA had then advised states to carry out suo Motu reviews of all the rejecting claims.
  • As some states had not shared the data of the total reviews, which they had already undertaken, there is discrepancy in the data of more claims being rejected than those being reviewed.
  • The state government is using the Management Information System (MIS) to identify and review rejected claims.
  • A number of training and capacity building programs to trains field staff and officers in using MIS as well as mobile applications for using Cartosat images to determine validity of the claim.
  • Not all rejected claims will lead to evictions as many have been rejected because of double entries.
  • A total of 18,446 rejected claims are non-evitable claims due to-
    • Not in possession
    • Double claims
    • Duplicate claims
    • Possession on other revenue land
    • Claimant death
    • Wrong entry
    • Migration

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