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In a significant development in the field of Defence and Technology, an indigenous air-to-air missile ‘ASTRA’ has been successfully flight tested off the coast of Odisha on 16th September 2019. As a part of user trial, the beyond-visual-range missile was launched from Sukhoi-30 MKI.

Image shows of Astra’ air-to-air missile

Image Shows of Astra’ Air-to-Air Missile

Image shows of Astra’ air-to-air missile

Test Preview

  • ASTRA is India’s first indigenously designed air-to-air missile. During the test the live aerial target was engaged accurately demonstrating the capability of ASTRA.

  • The various Radars, Electro-Optical Tracking System (EOTS) and Sensors were used for tracking the missile thereby confirming its engagement with the target.

  • The premier research and development Organisation of the armed forces in the country has designed ASTRA.

  • Targets of Different ranges and altitudes including long-range as well as short-range targets can be engaged by the ASTRA.

  • The missile has a strike range of 70km.

  • The missile has a 15-kg high-explosive pre-fragmented warhead.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 15, 2019

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