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India has the third largest military in the world and is the sixth biggest defence spender. India is largest importers of conventional defence equipment and spends around 30 % of its total defense budget on capital acquisitions.

Image of India's third largest military in the world

Image of India’s Third Largest Military in the World

Image of India’s third largest military in the world

Achievements of Make in India in Defence

60 % of defence related requirements are currently met through imports. India’s focus on indigenous manufacturing and research has led to many products:

  • HAL Tejas Light Combat Aircraft,

  • Composites Sonar dome,

  • 155 mm/52 Calibre Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS);

  • Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) Swati;

  • High Speed Heavy Weight Ship Launched Torpedo (Varunastra);

  • Arudhra-Medium Power Radar;

  • Akash Weapon System; Abhay Sonar;

  • Hull Mounted Sonar (HUMSA);

  • Advanced Indigenous Distress Sonar System (AIDSS);

  • Anti Torpedo Decoys;

  • Electro-Optical Fire Control System for Naval Ships;

  • Electro-Optical Sensors for Airborne Platforms; Mountain Foot Bridge;

  • Sub-munition warheads for Pinaka;

  • Terrain Assessment System for Trans-border Deserts

  • Penetration-cum-Blast (PCB) and Thermobaric (TB) ammunition specifically designed for Arjun tanks

  • A heavyweight torpedo called Varunastra manufactured with 95 % locally sourced parts and medium range surface to air missiles (MSRAM).

Initiatives to Make India’s Defence Sector Modern, Lean, and Agile?

Reform Measures

  • Based on the recommendations of the Shekatkar Committee, the Government has decided to restructure posts of different corps of Army.

  • Free approximately 57, 000 positions of Officers/JCO’s/OR’s and civilians which will be redeployed to improve the “teeth to tail” ratio of the Indian Army in future.

  • Seven Military Farms have been closed and the cattle of these Farms have been transferred to other Military Farms. Closure of six more Military Farms is in progress.

  • Decentralization in Decision Making

A number of powers exercised by the Ministry of Defence have been delegated to the Armed Forces. These include powers for

  • Procurement of critical ammunition/spares

  • Post-contract management of capital acquisition contracts as well as revenue expenditure

  • Full powers of revenue and capital account with respect to perimeter security etc.

  • Strategic Partnership

  • Government is intended to institutionalize a transparent, objective, and functional mechanism to encourage broader participation of the private sector in manufacture of major defence platforms and equipment.

  • Capital Acquisition for the Armed Forces:

  • Due to make in India contracts with national vendors is increasing while the contacts with the international vendors has been decreasing.

  • Policy initiatives in respect of Defence Production:

  • ‘Make in India’ initiative is focusing efforts on increasing indigenous defence manufacturing and becoming self-reliant:

  • promoting indigenous design

  • development and manufacture of defence equipment, and other policy measures such as liberalization of the licensing regime

  • FDI policy by raising the cap on FDI in the defence sector

  • simplification of export procedure

  • streamlining of defence offset guidelines etc.

Initiatives for People in Defence

  • One Rank One Pension (OROP) for defence personnel.

  • Facilitating servicemen to register and vote from their place of posting using e-postal ballot system in October 2016.

  • Army Battle Casualties Welfare Fund was set up in Jan 2016. Assistance of Rs. 2.00 Lakh is provided to the army battle casualties which are fatal, 60 % and above disability and battle casualties invalided out due to disability and Rs. 1.00 Lakh to disability less than 60%. This will be in addition to other admissible dues.

  • Composites Sonar Drone provides portable telemedicine system

- Published/Last Modified on: April 9, 2018


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