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Providing air connectivity to under-served & un-served airports & welcoming first-time flyers - First-of-its-kind scheme globally to stimulate regional connectivity through a market-based mechanism.

  • 70 airports to be connected

  • Concessions from Central & State government, airport operators & Viability Gap Funding to interested airlines

  • Airfare capped at Rs. 2, 500 for a one hour journey of approx. 500 km

Housing for Poor Registers More Growth under Modi Govt Than in 10 Years of UPA Govt

Img of difference b/w modi govt. & upa govt. for housing growth

Img of Difference B/w Modi Govt. & Upa Govt. for Housing Growth

Img of difference b/w modi govt. & upa govt. for housing growth

Mudra Yojana: Enabling Aspirations, Empowering Entrepreneurs

Mudra Yojana: Enabling Aspirations, Empowering Entrepreneurs

Mudra Yojana: Enabling Aspirations, Empowering Entrepreneurs

Mudra Yojana: Enabling Aspirations, Empowering Entrepreneurs

Swachh Bharat Mission Taking Rapid Strides under Modi Govt

  • Rural toilet construction registers 320 % rise under Modi Govt
Swachh Bharat Mission taking rapid strides under Modi Govt

Swachh Bharat Mission Taking Rapid Strides under Modi Govt

Swachh Bharat Mission taking rapid strides under Modi Govt

India Registers Significant in WEF’s Travel & Tourism Rankings

India registers significant in WEF’s Travel & Tourism rankings

India Registers Significant in WEF’s Travel & Tourism Rankings

India registers significant in WEF’s Travel & Tourism rankings

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana Setting New Records in Road Construction

  • Almost double rural roads constructed compared to last years of UPA govt
Img Rural roads constructed compared to last years of UPA govt

Img Rural Roads Constructed Compared to Last Years of UPA Govt

Image of Double rural roads constructed compared to last years of UPA govt

India First in Defence Sector

Moving towards self-reliance in defence through make in India

  • In last 2 years, more than 60 % capital expense of procurement spent on Indian companies

  • Capital expenditure of Rs. 1.05 lakh crore on purchase from Indian vendors in last 3 years

  • 96 capital procurements approved with domestic involvement, worth Rs. 2.46 lakh crore

  • Reduced entry barriers – initial validity of Industrial Licence increased to 15 years from 3 years

  • 116 Industrial Licenses issued under Make in India for manufacture of defence equipment

  • FDI upto 49 % allowed through automatic route

India Rolls Out a Liberalized Visa Regime to Unleash True Potential of Tourism Sector

  • E-visa facility to nationals 161 countries in 24 airports & 3 ports

  • Durations of stay on e-visa increased from 30 days to 60 days

  • Window for application under e-visa increased from 30 days to 120 days

  • Intern visa rolled out foreigners to pursue internship in India

  • Business and medical visa to be granted within 48 hours in urgent cases

Modi Government Revolutionizes Farming in India

eNAM: Creating one national farm market

  • Value of transactions Rs. 14, 202 crore

  • Volume of transaction 54.24 lakh tonnes

  • Number of farmers registered 36.43 lacs

  • Number of traders registered 84, 631

India Creates History: GST Bill Passed in Loksabha

India to become a ‘One Nation, One Tax’ country

  • Uniform Tax structure

  • Will remove cascading of taxes and help producers & consumers

  • Expected to boost India’s GDP

  • New dimension of co-operative federalism

Rupay Card Usage Sees Significant Rise

Rupay card truly empowering every Indian for digital transactions

Image of Rupay card usage sees significant rise

Image of Rupay Card Usage Sees Significant Rise

Image of Rupay card usage sees significant rise

Mobile Banking Picks up Unprecedented Pace in India under Modi Govt

Volume of Mobile Banking Transactions grows by more than 40 times in last 3 years

Mobile Banking picksup unprecedented pace in India - Modi Govt

Mobile Banking Picksup Unprecedented Pace in India - Modi Govt

Image of Mobile Banking picksup unprecedented pace in India - Modi Govt

India Adopting Digital Payments like Never Before!

  • No. of transaction increase by more than 3 times under Modi Govt
Image of Digital Payments

Image of Digital Payments

Image of Digital Payments

UPI Registers Strong Growth

India’s unique digital transaction platform driving cashless transaction is a big way

Image of UPI registers strong growth

Image of UPI Registers Strong Growth

Image of UPI registers strong growth

Transforming food processing sector

  • 101 new integrated Cold Chain Products sanctioned across the nation

  • Total investment of Rs. 3100 crore to transform food processing sector

Capacity Added

  • 2.76 Lakh MT of old storage, controlled Atmosphere, Frozen Storage

  • 115 MT per hour of Individual Quick Freezing

  • 629 Refrigerated, Insulated vehicles

  • 56 lakh litres per day of Milk Processing

  • 210 MT per batch of Blast Freezing

Image of Capacity Added

Image of Capacity Added

Image of Capacity Added

Beej Se Bazaar Tak

  • Facilitating Farmer Welfare Throughout Farming Cycle


  • Record farm credit target Rs. 10 lakh crore for 2017 - 18


  • Provides farmers unprecedented access to buyers, cuts out middlemen


  • PM Fasal Bima Yojana giving cheap insurance for wide coverage


  • Ensuring availability of quality seeds


  • 5.6 crore Soil Health Cards distributed


  • No more lines for urea no other fertilizers


  • PM Krishi Sinchai Yojana ensuring proper irrigation facilities

Powering a New India: Transforming the Power Sector

  • 46000 MW generation capacity added

  • Ensured coal no thermal plants in ‘critical state’.

  • 50, 000 circuit kilometers transmission Lines were laid in 2 years


  • Rs. 34, 398 crore investment saving due to peak load avoidance

  • About 22 crore LED bulbs have been distributed

Modi Govt: Committed to Divyang Welfare

First Govt to holistically care for Divyangs

  • 5000 camps organized to distribute support equipment

  • More than 6 Lakh Divyangs benefitted

  • Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan is making public spaces Divyang-friendly

  • Reserved quota increased from 3 % to 4 % for Divyangs in Govt Jobs

  • A common sign Language being developed for entire country

Ensuring Smart, Sustainable & Sanitized Cities though Swachh Bharat Mission Urban

Sanitized Spaces

  • 32 lakh public and private toilets constructed

  • 531 cities made open defection free

Smart waste management

  • 1.64 lakh metric tonnes of waste to compost production 2016.

Streamlined Garbage Collection

  • 100 % door to door waste collection in 72948 wards


  • 88.4 MW energy produced from waste

Heralding an Era of Safety, Sanitation & Self- Reliance through Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin

India’s sanitation coverage up from 42 % to 62 % in 2.5 years

  • 3.6 crore toilet built

  • No more open defecation in 1.75 lakh villages

  • No more open defection in 3, 523 villages under Namami Gange

  • No more open defection 3 states and 119 districts

Soil Health Cards Augmenting Farmer Welfare

Blending Science & Technology with Agriculture

  • Deeper knowledge of soil leads to better crop yields

  • 648 Krishi Vigyaan Kendras and 1000 other mini-labs help in testing

  • 5.6 crore soil health cards already distributed

  • Soil health card contains information on soil type, nutrients, water and its properties

National Health Policy 2017

Fostering patient-focus, quality and an assurance based approach

  • Compliance to right of patients to access information on condition and treatment.

  • National Healthcare standards Organisation maintaining adequate standards in public and private sector

  • Separate empowered medical tribunal for speedy resolution on disputes and complaints.

  • Grading of establishments and active promotion of standard treatment guidelines

Preventive and Promotive focus with pluralistic choice

  • Creation of public Health Management cadre in all states to optimize health outcomes.

  • Interventions from early detection of issues in childhood prevention of chronic illnesses.

  • Tracking behaviour change, education and counselling at all levels.

  • Plethora of options to choose from among yoga and AYUSH umbrella of remedies

System strengthening and strategic engagements

  • Public health system strengthening shifting from verticals to an integrated approach

  • Holistic approach addressing infrastructure and human resource gaps

  • Strategic purchase of secondary and tertiary care services.

  • Synergizing with private and not-for-profit sectors for critical gap filling

Digital interventions for the nation’s health

  • Promoting tele-consultation linking tertiary care institutions with specialist consultation

  • National Knowledge Network for Tele-education, Tele-CME, Tele-consultations and difital library

  • National Digital Health Authority to regulate, develop and deploy digital health

  • Introduction of Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Better regulatory mechanisms and quality control

  • Strengthening post market surveillance program for drugs, products and devices

  • Regulating use of devices to ensure safety and quality compliance

  • Timely revision of national list of essential medicines along with appropriate price control

  • Standard Regulatory framework for laboratories and imaging centres, specialized emerging services.

Intersectoral convergence for holistic healthcare delivery

  • Partnership & participation of all non-health ministries, communities, and academic institutions.

  • Coordinated action on:

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan-sanitation

  • Balanced, healthy diets and regular exercises.

  • Addressing tobacco, alcohol and substance abuse

  • Yatri Suraksha-preventing deaths due to rail and road accidents

  • Nirbhaya Nari-against gender violence

  • Reduced stress and improved safety in the work place.

Make-In-India for a healthy India

  • Special focus on production Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

  • Incentivizing local manufacturing to provide customized indigenous products

  • Reducing cost with indigenous medical technology and medical devices

UJALA Towards an Energy-Efficient, Green Future

21.7 crore energy efficient LED bulbs replacing inefficient incandescent bulbs

  • Energy saved per year 28, 280 million KWH

  • This saves about Rs. 30 crore every single day

  • Savings on cost Rs. 11, 312 crore

  • Carbon Dioxide emission reduction per year about 2.3 crore tonnes

Modi Govt’s Unprecedented Speed of Governance

Image of Modi Govt’s unprecedented speed of Governance

Image of Modi Govt’s Unprecedented Speed of Governance

Image of Modi Govt’s unprecedented speed of Governance

Modi Govt building a better Uttar Pradesh since 2014

  • Encouraging Entrepreneurs collateral free loans of Rs. 23, 030 crores given to over 50 lakh people

  • Financial security 1.1 crore people covered against accident risk

  • Smoke Free lives 52 lakh poor families got LPG connections

  • Financial Inclusion More than 4 crore Jan Dhan accounts opened, 2.5 crore of these in rural areas

  • Investing in Infrastructure 865 highways being built, upgraded or renovated at the cost of Rs. 6280 crore

  • Swachh Bharat close to 30 lakh toilets constructed

  • Powering live 1464 villages got electricity for the first time since Independence

Lok Sabha Passes Maternity Benefits (Amendment) Bill, 2016

Women no longer need to choose between career and children!

  • Maternity leave benefit more than doubled from 12 weeks from 12 weeks to 26 weeks

  • Maternity leave benefit of 12 weeks for commissioning or adopting mothers

  • Crèche facility to be provided by workplace having 50 or more female employees

  • Facilitate ‘work from home’ option

  • Greater participation of women, harnessing Nari Shakti for nation’s progress.

Indian Economy Registers 7 % Growth After Demonetization

Agriculture, mining, manufacturing register impressive growth

Image of Gross Value Added during Q3 (Oct. - Dec.) of 2016-17

Image of Gross Value Added During Q3 (Oct. - Dec. ) of 2016 - 17

Image of Gross Value Added during Q3 (Oct. - Dec. ) of 2016 - 17

Budget for Better India

  • Agriculture double farmer incomes in 5 year

  • Rural India Boosting Employment and infrastructure creation

  • Youth providing education, skills and jobs

  • Poor holistic improvement in Quality of Life

  • Infrastructure for efficiency &7 productivity

  • Financial sector Liberalisation & institution strengthening

  • Digital economy for speed, Accountability & Transparency

  • Public service Delivery Prudent fiscal management ensuring optimal development of resources

  • Tax administration honoring the honest

Tax Reforms to Boost Saving & Growth

Honoring the Honest

  • The corporate income tax rate down to 25 % for companies having turnover upto Rs. 50 crores.

  • Personal income-tax for individual assesses between income of Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh is reduced 5 % from 10%

Prudent Fiscal Management to Ensure Optimal Deployment of Resources

  • Capital expenditure allocation increased by 25.4 % over the previous year.

  • Outcome Budget is introduced covering all ministries and departments.

  • Net market borrowing restricted to Rs. 3.48 lakh crore: much lower than Ra 4.25 lakh crore of the previous year.

  • The revenue deficit pegged at 1.9 % for next year.

Governance and Ease of Doing Business

Making things simpler

  • Threshold limit increased for audit of business entities who opt for presumptive income scheme.

  • Foreign portfolio investor (FPI) category I & II exempted from indirect transfer provision. Commission payable to individual insurance agents exempt from the requirement of TDS.


Strengthening the system of social security

  • Institutional delivery of pregnant women to be benefitted with Rs. 6, 000 under maternity benefit scheme.

  • Elimination of Kala-Azar filariasis by 2017, leprosy by 2018, measles by 2020 and tuberculosis by 2025.

  • Creation of additional 5, 000 post graduate specialist doctors per annum.

  • Setting up of two new all India institutes of medical sciences in Jharkhand and Gujarat.

  • 1.5 lakh health sub centres to be transformed into health and wellness centres.

Industry, Trade and Commerce

For growth, employment and stability

  • Creation of an integrated public sector ‘oil major’ to match international and domestic private sector oil and gas companies.

  • A new ETF with diversified CPSE stocks and other Government holdings to be launched.

  • Rs. 10, 000 crore for recapitalization of Banks

  • The extensive reach-out efforts to trade and industry for GST start from 1st April, 2017.


For Efficiency, Productivity and Quality of Life

  • Rs. 2, 41, 387 crore provided for transportation sector including rail, roads and shipping.

  • The total capital and development expenditure of Railways pegged at Rs. 1, 31, 000 crore. This includes Rs. 55, 000 crore provided by the Government.

  • Budget allocation for highways increased to Rs. 64, 900 crore

  • A new metro rail act be enacted by rationalizing the existing laws.

  • 2, 000 kms of coastal connectivity roads identified for construction and development.

  • Select airports in Tier 2 cities will be taken up for operation and maintenance in the PPP mode.


Engine of Growth

  • Rashtriya Rail Sanraksha Kosh for passenger safety to be created with a corpus of Rs. 1 lakh crore over a period of 5 years.

  • 3, 500 kms of Railway lines to be commissioned.

  • 500 station to be made differently abled friendly.

  • 7, 000 stations to be solar powered in the medium term.

  • ‘Coach Mitra’, a single window interface, to register all coach related complaints to be launched.

  • All coaches to be fitted with bio toilets by 2019.

Rural Population

Providing Employment and Basic Infrastructure

  • Allocation for rural, agriculture and allied sector Rs. 187223 crores.

  • Mission Antyodaya to bring one crore household out of poverty and to make 50, 000 gram panchayats poverty free by 2019.

  • Participation of women in MGNREGA increased to 55%.

Tax Reforms to Boost Saving & Growth

Honouring the Honest

  • Under the scheme for profit-linked income tax deduction ‘carpet area’ of 30 and 60 sq. mtr. to be counted.

  • For computation of long term capital gains from transfer of immovable property –holding period reduced from 3 to 2 years.


Nation First

  • A centralized Defence travel system developed to book tickets online by soldiers and officers.

  • Web based interactive pension disbursement system for defence pensioners to be established.

Digital Economy

For speed, Accountability and transparency

  • Bank to introduce additional 10 lakh new POS terminals by March 2017.

  • Payments regulatory board in RBI for strengthening digital payment eco system to be created.

  • Two new schemes to promote the usage of BHIM –’Referral Bonus Scheme’ for individuals and ‘Cashback scheme’ for merchants to be launched.

  • Aadhar Pay, a merchant version of Aadhar enabled payment system to be launched.

  • Setting up of a mission with a target of 2, 500 crore digital transactions.

Financial Sector

Growth and stability through stronger institutions

  • Foreign investment promotion board to be abolished.

  • Creation of an operational and legal derivatives market in the agricultural sector for commodities trading.

  • The shares of railway PSEs like IRCTC, IRFC and IRCON to be listed in stock exchanges.

  • A common application form for registration, opening of bank and demat accounts, and issue of PAN to be introduced for Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs).

  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana target fixed to Rs. 2.44 lakh crore.

  • A computer emergency response team to be established to ensure cyber security in financial sector (CERT-Fin).

Improving Quality of Life of the Poor

  • Shelter to every houseless poor household through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

  • More than 3 crore toilets have been constructed under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

  • 1.5 crore LPG connections provided under Ujjwala Yojana. 37 % of Ujjwala beneficiaries are SC/STs

  • Over 11, 000 villages electrified in record time under Deendayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana

  • Over 20 crore LED bulbs have been distributed, resulting in savings of over Rs. 10, 000 crore under UJALA.

  • Mission Indradhanush has so far benefited 55 lakh children

  • Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Jan Aushadi Pariyojana launched to ensure that the poor have access to quality medicines at affordable prices.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 16, 2018

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