Supersonic Interceptor AAD Missile Successfully Test Fired by India

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Test Detail: India has successfully tested interceptor missile by indigenously developed supersonic Advanced Air Defence (AAD) from the Abdul Kalam Island off the Odisha coast. The missile was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) under Ballistic Missile Defence Programme.

  • After getting signals from tracking radars the supersonic interceptor missile was launched.
  • According to orbit path the missile moved and in mid - air at an endo - atmospheric altitude it destroyed the incoming electronically prepared target missile.
  • The kill effect of the interceptor missile was analyzed from data collected by multiple tracking sources during the test.

About Advanced Air Defence interceptor missile

  • For destroying any incoming ballistic missile at lower (endo - atmospheric) altitude AAD missile is good enough and it is also capable for giving full - fledged multi - layer Ballistic Missile Defence system to country.


  • It is solid rocket with 7.5 - meter tall and single stage guided drive missile.
  • Along with a hi - tech computer it is equipped with a navigation system and an electro - mechanical activator.
  • For the purpose of secure data link for interception and homing capabilities, it also has its own mobile launcher, sophisticated radars and independent tracking system.

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