Supreme Court appointed Justice Sanjay Mishra as Lokayukta of Uttar Pradesh [ Current News (Concise) ]


About appointment of Sanjay Mishra: Supreme Court approved the appointment of Justice Sanjay Mishra as Lokayukta of Uttar Pradesh. He succeeds Justice Virendra Singh, who was appointed as Lokayukta of UP in December, 2015.

  • For this appointment, court evoked its earlier order of appointing Justice Virendra Singh as Lokayukta of UP because some objections were raised against Singh’s appointment.

About Lokayukta:

  • The Lokayukt is appointed by people.
  • It is an anti-corruption ombudsman organization in every States of India.
  • Maharashtrawas the first state who announces the institution of Lokayukta through ’The Lokayukta’ and ‘Upa-Lokayuktas Act’ in 1971.
  • Karnataka Lokayuktais known as the most powerful Lokayukta of India.

About responsibility of a Lokayukta:

  • The LokAyukta who works with the Income Tax Department and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, generally helps people expose corruption among the Politicians and GovernmentOfficials.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 1, 2016