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Suranga Bawadi is an ancient 16th century underground water harvesting system has got placed in world Monument Watch List. It is going to receive funds from the World Monument Fund for the Restoration purpose as it has entered the World Monument Watch list for 2020. It is a part of Karez underground water supply system. Suranga Bawadi situated at Bijapur District in Karnataka. It was constructed by Adil Shah Ruler of Bijapur. This underground water harvesting and distribution technique originated in Persian, present day of Iran.

Karez System

Karez System widely used by Bahmani Kingdom

Karez System Widely Used by Bahmani Kingdom

Karez System widely used by Bahmani Kingdom

  • Karez system, under this process it hardness the groundwater resources like springs and it supplies water to settlements through the channels which are presented at underground.

  • Karez was contribution of Bahmani kingdom it was brought in the 15th Century by the Afghan rulers of Delhi sultanates in Southern India.

  • Underground tunnel provides access of water to the sentiments or irrigation lands.

  • Bahmani rulers use this technology in arid areas of Northern Karnataka.

  • It is one of the traditional water harvesting and distribution system of India.

  • It was widely used by Bahmani Kingdom.

Other Traditional Water Harvesting Systems

  • Paar system or Rejuwani system is found in Western Rajasthan in Jaisalmer district.

  • Talab or Bandi in Bundelkhand use ponds

  • Johad- uses check dams, present in Alwar in Rajasthan

  • Pat uses diversion bunds, in jhabua, Madhya Pradesh

  • Bawari in Rajasthan it uses step wells

  • Khadin or Dhora- uses check dams in Rajasthan

  • Neeruganti in Karnataka

  • Khuls are the channels in spiti valley

  • Tanka is a rain water harvesting system in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

World Monuments Fund

  • It is an international non profitable NGO organisation of New York, which focuses on Restoration of ancient monuments across the world globe.

  • It was established in 1965.

  • It funds for conservation of cultural heritage worldwide.

World Monuments Watch

  • It was launched in 1995 on the 30th anniversary of World Monuments Fund.

  • It identifies the World Cultural Heritage sites.

  • It provides financial and Technical Support for preservation.

  • Private individuals and representatives of civil society organizations, community groups, government agencies, educational institutions and other entities can nominate a site to the World Monuments Watch.

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