Surat to Receive ‘City Award’ under India Smart Cities Award 2018 (Important)

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Surat smart city is selected for ‘City Award’ for showing great momentum in implementation of projects under ‘India Smart Cities Award’ 2018. Overall, 9 awards are announced under India Smart Cities Awards.

Surat Smart City

Awards are divided into 3 categories:

City Award

  • The city award will be conferred to Surat for showing great momentum in the implementation of projects especially in the categories of urban environment, transport and mobility and sustainable integrated development.

Innovative Idea Award

  • Innovative idea award is conferred to project or idea that is particularly remarkable for its innovative, bottom-up & transformative approach towards achievement of sustainable integrated development.
  • Joint winners in category include Bhopal for its Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) & Ahmedabad for its Safe & Secure Ahmedabad (SASA) Project.

Project Award

  • Award is given to most innovative & successful projects in 7 categories that are completed by 1st April, 2018.
Successful Projects in 7 Categories for Award

Selected projects include:

Table Contain Shows the Project Name and Category
S. no.CategoryProject Name
1GovernancePMC Care from Pune
2Built EnvironmentSmart Place Making from Pune
3Social AspectsSmart Class rooms from NDMC and Jabalpur, Smart Campus from Visakhapatnam, Lighthouse from Pune
4Culture and EconomyB Nest Incubation Centre from Bhopal, Conservation of Rajasthan School of Arts from Jaipur
5Urban EnvironmentPublic Bike Sharing from Bhopal, Pune, Coimbatore and Waste to Energy Plant in Jabalpur
6Transport and MobilityIntegrated Transit Management System (TMS) from Ahmedabad and Surat
7Water and SanitationSmart Water Management through SCADA from Ahmedabad

Details on India Smart Cities Award

Smart City
  • Awards were launched on 25th June, 2017 w/aim to reward cities, projects & innovative ideas, promoting sustainable development in cities.
  • Only smart cities are eligible for awards.
  • There are 3 categories of awards:
    • Innovative Idea Award
      • Recognize exceptional innovation across 7 Urban themes
      • Cross-cutting theme (integrating more than one category) .
      • Should contribute to successful transformation of cities
      • Demonstrated multi-stakeholder partnership models & civic collaboration
    • City Award
      • City need not submit any proposal
      • Multiple proposals submitted for ‘Project Award’ & ‘Innovative Idea Award’ & project implementation will be considered for evaluation
    • Project Award
      • Completed projects (as on 1st April 2018) .
      • Separate awards for each of 7 Urban themes.
  • Results were declared after technical committee comprising international/multilateral experts from UN Habitat, Asian Development Bank & NIUA evaluated submissions based on innovation, impact, replicability & scalability.
  • City award was decided on basis of cities՚ performance on their awards score & on weekly ranking score as on 2nd May, 2018, which was award application submission deadline.

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