Swachh Bharat Mission Phase II Guidelines Released

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Swachh Bharat Mission Phase II Guidelines Released

  • As the country is dealing with coronavirus pandemic, sanitation becomes a topic of utmost importance.
  • Recently, operational guidelines for Swachh Bharat Mission Second phase were released.
  • The Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation released the guidelines.
Swachh Bharat Mission Phase II Guidelines Released


  • The surface and ground water has been destroyed by dumping of untreated fecal sludge.
  • Safe toilets with well managed black and grey water are the need of the hour.
  • This becomes even more important in rural areas where on-site sanitation is the only solution.
  • The guidelines talk about
    • Building more toilets
    • Building community toilets to include everyone
    • Availability of adequate water
    • Water storage facilities for the toilets
  • However, they do not mention how water availability to the toilets will be connected.
  • Few things which are not still clear in the guidelines such as
    • availability of water in toilets
    • solutions to make mission a success
  • Only recharging groundwater by Greywater has been mentioned in the guidelines.
  • The Department of Drinking water and Sanitation released a 10 year strategy in September 2019 on SBM-II.
  • The strategy focused on proper implementation (in rural areas) of solid and liquid waste management (SLWM) including-
    • Plastic waste
    • Organic waste
    • Grey water
    • Fecal sludge
  • The first SBM made the country՚s districts open-defecation free (ODF) in October 2019.
  • The SBM II will be implemented by convergence of different Central and state schemes.
  • The programme will be implemented in coordination with
    • JJM for Greywater management
    • Finance Commission funds for co-financing of assets
    • National Rural Employment Guarantee Act for dovetailing funds and functionaries
    • Union Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for skill development of field functionaries.
    • National rural Livelihood Mission for involving self-help groups as vehicles for behavior change communication
    • New National Biogas Organic Manure Programme scheme of the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
    • Sustainable alternative towards affordable transportation scheme of the Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas for Galvanizing Organic Bio-Agro Resources Dhan projects
  • SBM II will be implemented in a mission mode from 2020 - 21 to 2024 - 25.

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