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TRIFED is promoting tribal art and craft for the benefit of tribal artisans under the scheme “Institutional Support for Development & Marketing of Tribal Products and Produce” of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

Image of TRIFED Schemes

Image of TRIFED Schemes

Image of TRIFED Schemes

What is TRIFED?

  • National-level apex organization functioning under administrative control of Ministry of Tribal Affairs established in August 1987 by Ministry of Welfare under Multi State Cooperative Societies Act 1984 now replaced by Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 2002.

  • Core objective to institutionalize trade of Minor Forest Produce (MFP) and Surplus Agriculture Produce (SAP) collected or cultivated by tribals for their livelihood.

  • Works as an agency to the FCI for procurement of wheat and rice.

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Limited (TRIFED) and Tribals

Tribes India Retail Chain of Outlets

  • First TRIFED showroom ‘Tribes India’ opened in 1999 at New Delhi.

  • Established a chain of 42 retail outlets of which 13 are functioning in association with state level organizations

  • The increased from 162.56 Lakhs in 2005 - 06 to Rs. 1117.85 Lakhs during 2016 - 17.

  • Product categories include:

    • Metal Craft

    • Tribal Textiles

    • Tribal Jewellery

    • Tribal Paintings

    • Cane & Bamboo

    • Terracotta and Stone Pottery

    • Gifts and Novelties &

    • Organic and Natural Food products.


Promote tribal art and craft by organizing and participating in domestic and international exhibitions like Aadishilpm, Aadichitra, craft melas, and OCTAVE - a dance festival of North Eastern Region

Process of Sourcing Tribal Products

Sourcing products made by empaneled tribal suppliers comprising of:

  • Individual tribal artisans

  • Tribal SHGs

  • Organisations, Agencies, NGOs working with tribals per the guidelines for empanelment of suppliers

Tribal Artisan Mela (TAM)

  • Tribal Artisan Melas (TAMs) at district and tehsil level associate tribal suppliers with retail operation

  • Reach tribals located in interior areas and source tribal art and craft directly from artisan.

  • TRIFED invites tribal artisans to exhibition area where they display their art and craft items.

  • TRIFED’s merchandising team identify new artisans and products to be marketed through outlets to augment tribal art and craft

Scaling Up Retail Marketing

  • Scale up the retail marketing activities by procuring Rs. 20 crores and sale of Rs. 40 crores in current financial year and procurement of 50 crores and sale of Rs. 100 Crores by next financial year

  • Ramp up supply and creation of demand associating maximum number of tribal artisans through association and expertise.

Revamping Retail Marketing Activities- Focus Areas

Sale through Franchise Outlets

  • Expand retail operations by opening of franchise outlets for sale of tribal products.

  • TRIFED to get stocks delivered at the franchisee premise and franchisee will sell products on the MRP fixed by TRIFED in the brand name of “Tribes India”

  • Franchisee paid commission ranging from 10 - 25 % on net sales and sales proceeds

  • Products supplied by TRIFED to carry “Tribal Craft Mark” as hologram, label or tag for genuineness and authenticity.

Sale through “Young Entrepreneur Development Programme”

  • Expand house to house sales campaign by empaneling young sales persons - the “Young Entrepreneurs of TRIFED (YET) ”

  • YET will be provided e-brochure with photographs of products with complete details, publicity material, small samples

  • Sales made through YET will earn a commission of 10 % on net sales to them.

Sale through E-commerce Platforms:

TRIFED is selling tribal products through snapdeal. com and and expanding operations through other e-commerce portals.

Other Sale Initiates

  • Improve “Tribes India” outlet interiors and exteriors making them more presentable and attractive for customers.

  • Sale through Mobile Vans for reaching doorsteps.

  • Festival offers like discounts packages and schemes for promotion of tribal products, liquidation of stocks and enhancing overall sales.

  • TRIFED is issuing “Friends of Tribes” loyalty card, offering discount of 20 % on most of the products of Tribes India Outlets

  • Special discount scheme for Government employees

  • Tribal Craft Mark will ensure the authenticity and create brand in form of hologram, label and tag

Improved Procurement and Capacity Bulding

Procurement goals to be achieved through following ways:

  • Each Regional Office assigned goal for identification and empanelment of additional 100 potential tribal suppliers in each state having tribal population for supply good quality and quality tribal products.

  • Enhance supplier base by leveraging tribal SHGs associated with Ministry of Rural Development, Regional Offices of DC (Handicraft & Handloom), State Forest Departments, State Handicraft and Tribal Department, and reputed NGOs etc.

  • Identify experts and master craftsperson to handhold TRIFED in identifying tribal artisans

  • Impart handicraft training for capacity building.

  • Converting tribal artisans imparted training in selected MFP to SHGs items for supply of value-added products like honey, tamarind, hill broom, etc.

  • Develop linkage between NSTFDC, banks, and financial Institutions for concessional loans to the tribal artisans supporting them in capacity building.

Publicity Campaign

Publicity campaign for promotion of tribal products through posters, banners, leaflets, standees, mobile vans, local TV Channels, stickers in cars and walls, radio jingles, web based portals like YouTube, Facebook, google will create impact.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 5, 2017

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