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Botanical Survey of India (BSI) released list of state wise endemic flowering plants which was topped by Tamil Nadu. The publication titled Endemic Vascular Floras of India also revealed that almost one of each four species of flowering plants found in India are endemic to the country.

Key Facts

  • From total 18,259 flowering plants labeled in the country, 4,303 around 23% are originating only in India or rare to the country.
  • According to the list:
  1. Tamil Nadu has highest number of 410 species
  2. Kerala has 357 species
  3. Maharashtra has 278 species
  • Top biodiversity hot spots of the country based on geographical distributions of endemic plants:
  1. Western Ghats has 2,116 species
  2. Eastern Himalayas with 466 species

Refer:Examrace Maps of India  for a complete list of all the biodiversity centers, UNESCO sites and over 3000 other key map locations.

  • India has discovered 37 species of Black plum Syzyguim (Jamun), 274 species of orchids, 10 varieties of Musa (banana), 4 different varieties of roses, 2 herbs and 2 climbers, and 12 species of jasmines.
  • Along with this 45 species of black pepper family, 19 species of ginger and 13 different kinds of large cardamom are endemic to India.
  • India also has 40 species of bamboos (Bambusoideae) endemic to India.
  • Many plants species only thrive in certain areas of the country such as insectivorous plant Nepenthes khasiana, which is only found in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya.

About BSI Botanical Survey of India

Botanical Survey of India

Botanical Survey of India

Botanical Survey of India

  • The Botanical Survey of India (BSI) was founded in 1890 by Indian Government under the direction of Sir George King- then superintendent of Royal Botanic Garden, Calcutta.
  • The first ex-officio Director of BSI was Sir George.
  • Headquarters of the Survey was the Calcutta Garden.
  • Bengal, Assam, North East, Burma, and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands come under the Calcutta Garden.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 5, 2016


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