Tamil Yeoman Tamil Nadu’S State Butterfly (Download PDF)

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Butterfly species Tamil yeoman (Cirrochroa thais) has been officially declared as state butterfly of Tamil Nadu. Earlier this species was notified by an order on lines of the State Tree (Palm), Bird (Emerald Dove), Flower (Gloriosa) and Animal (Nilgiri Tahr). Cirrochroa thais is the scientific name of this species. It is also known as Tamizh Maravan which means warrior. This species is endemic to Western Ghats. Among all other butterfly species found this butterfly species is the thirty second to be identified. This butterfly is orange in colour with a dark brown outer ring. This butterfly species moves in groups in large numbers, but only in a few places.

Image shows Special Status

Image Shows Special Status

Image shows Special Status


  • Both Tamil Nadu Forest Department and state conservation groups chose this butterfly species for honour to identify it as an iconic, easily recognisable and easy to spot, and a the same time serve as another symbol of State.

  • Tamil Nadu for the very first time has declared its state butterfly.

  • India also becomes only the 5th country to have given such identification to any such species. Other species in India that have been identified includes Blue Mormon (Maharashtra) as its state butterfly, followed by Common peacock in Uttarakhand, Southern bird wings in Karnataka and Malabar banded peacock in Kerala.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 13, 2019


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