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Union Minister for Science & Technology, Earth Sciences and Environment, Forests & Climate Change, will be launching three important centre’s set up by Department of Science and Technology (DST), nucleated at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IITM) on 25th January 2019 at IIT Madras in Chennai.

Image of Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Image of Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Image of Department of Science and Technology (DST)

The Three Establishments

The first of these is the establishment of DST –IITM Solar Energy Harnessing Centre.

  • The Centre will focus on a wide range of research and technology development activities such as silicon solar cells that promise high efficiency and are suited for Indian conditions.

  • The network of researchers engaged in centre comprise of scientists from IIT Madras, IIT-Guwahati, Anna University, ICT-Mumbai, BHEL and KGDS, which will be further expanded.

  • The objective is to create a platform that can be extended readily to strengthen the knowledge eco-system.

  • Second in line is the DST-IITM Water –IC for SUTRAM of EASY WATER (DST- IITM Water Innovation Centre for Sustainable Treatment, Reuse and Management for Efficient, Affordable and Synergistic Solutions) which has been established with an aim to undertake synchronized research and training programs on various issues related to wastewater management, water treatment, sensor development, storm water management and distribution and collection systems.

  • This multi institutional Virtual Centre will be looking into a sustainable approach for water resources protection and augmentation through wastewater treatment and reuse and storm water management.

  • The Centre will provide a unique opportunity for the various groups in different premier organizations working in the area of wastewater management, water treatment, sensor development and storm water management to collaborate and work in synergized manner to ensure adequate, safe, reliable and sustainable sources of drinking water for rural and urban India and process water for highly polluting and water intensive industries, through research, technology development and capacity building.

    The third one would be the Test bed on Solar thermal desalination solutions which are being established by IIT Madras and Empereal KGDS as solution providers in Naripaaiyur, Ramanathapuram District, Tamil Nadu with the aim to deliver customized technological solutions to address prevalent water challenges in the arid coastal village located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

  • The development would provide customized technological water solution to provide potable water to coastal areas using solar energy.

Department of Science and Technology

The Department of Science and Technology is a department within the Ministry of Science and Technology in India.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 25, 2019

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