Tejaswin Cracks 12yr Old National Senior Record in High Jump (Download PDF)

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Delhi՚s Tejaswin Shankar smashed the 12-year old national senior record in high jump with a leap of 2.26m on the inaugural day. He managed to win the gold in the under-18 category on the opening day of the 32nd National Junior Athletics Championships in Coimbatore.

The previous record was held by Hari Shankar Roy from West Bengal with a jump of 2.25m - winning the silver medal at the Asian All-Star Athletic Meet in Singapore in 2004.

Tejaswin Shankar Breaks Senior High Jump National Record

Tejaswin Shankar

  • Modest young man who despite of holding the rare prestige of being a junior athlete to break the national senior record, seemed surprised.
  • Tejaswin had earlier won a gold at the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games and had recently finished first in the National Open Athletics in Lucknow in September with a jump of 2.22m.
  • Tejaswin Shankar wanted to be a fast bowler at the age of 14. In fact, he played for his school cricket team.

Activities of National Junior Athletics Championships

  • International Championships & Meets
  • National Championships & Grand Prix Series
  • Prominent Domestic Meets:
    • National Open Championships- seniors & juniors
    • Federation Cup
    • National Inter-State Championships
    • National Open Race Walking Championships
    • National Cross Country Championships
    • Indian Grand Prix - 4-leg
    • National Youth Championships
    • Zonal Meets

Junior Development Programme

AFI taps and breeds young, talent across India in schools, cities, and districts. The Federation runs two unique and ambitious programmes


  • The National Inter-District Juniors Athletics Meet is an annual identifing and selecting champions from more than 260 districts in India.
  • Around 3,500 budding athletes nurtured so far.
  • 13 athletes, 1 coach, and 1 manager subsequently represent each district after a qualifying district-level tournament.
  • 12 editions of the NID-JAM have been conducted till 2016 with 3,500 athletes from 260 districts.

IAAF-AFI Kids Athletics

  • Launched in 2013.
  • Grass root programme encouraging school students to take up physical activity and athletics.
  • Since AFI programme in India in 2013,19 states in the country have adopted the Kids Athletics programme.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 14, 2016


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