Tele-Law Launched to Mainstream Legal Aid in Rural India (Download PDF)

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Tele-Law has been launched as joint initiative of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It will provide legal help to the marginal communities and rural areas peoples by CSC. Primarily it will be started across 1000 Common Service Centres (CSC) in Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.

  • Along with this Para Legal Volunteers (PLV) will also build under this initiative with the capacity of 1000 women.

Key Facts:

  • Tele law will help rural area locality to get direct advice from lawyers by video conference facility available at 1000 Common Service Centres (CSC).
  • Every CSC will have trained person (Para Legal Volunteer (PLV) ) to operate the Tele-law services.
  • Other services covered under CSCs are:

    • Law school clinics
    • District Legal Service Authorities
    • voluntary service providers
    • Non-Government Organisations working on legal aid
    • empowerment
  • Through the initial phase implementation challenges will be identified and then after the necessary corrections the project will be implemented across the country in the phased manner.
  • ‘Tele Law’ will connect rural citizens to legal service providers via CSC network by technology-enabled platforms.
  • Robust monitoring and evaluation system will be placed at every CSC to assess the quality of the legal advice delivered to the people by the government.
  • The volunteer will serve at the first point of contact for the marginalized communities in the rural areas and they will helps to understand the legal issues and explain the advice which is given by the lawyers and also assist them i the further process.
  • This will be the great step to promote women entrepreneurship and empowerment.
  • National Legal Service Authority (NALSA) will also appoint lawyers who will advice the applicants in the CSCs through video conferencing.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 17, 2017


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