Telecom Industry Did No Research on Health Impacts of 5G ′ , Harmful Effects of 5-G Technology

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India plans to launch trails for 5G trials in 2020. The fifth generation wireless network is 50 times faster than its predecessor 4G.

Brace for 5ThGeneration


  • The 5G networks when integrated with satellites will open the way for new applications in areas like agriculture, health and emergency response for user communities living in rural areas.
  • This technology will provide secure connectivity.
  • Also it will enable development of new services for smart mobility and automated transport, accelerating automation and digital transformation of the whole transport sector from maritime to road to air.
  • 5G networks will also provide better surveillance, real-time secure communications from and to areas not covered by terrestrial.
  • 5G is being architected to support all such low-latency applications, including industrial robots to remote surgery.
  • It has very harmful effects on human body.

Harmful Effects of 5-G Technology

  • All artificial electromagnetic radiations are a problem because biological systems are not adapted to it.
  • Higher frequencies of 5G will also penetrate much deeper into the human body.
  • It can have carcinogenic action of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) .
  • It will have impact on cancer rates, neurological diseases, including electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) , fertility and diabetes.
  • Children are particularly most vulnerable.
  • Scientists have linked 5G to at least 20 ailments, including heart diseases, type-2 diabetes and mental disturbances such as depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies.

Limiting Effects on Health

  • It is possible to limit the health effects while designing the fastest telecommunication systems.
  • Firstly, the highest priority for the deployment of optical fibre networks should be given to home and businesses, which can be two crore times faster than 5G.
  • Secondly, it should be capitalized on wired connections like cable which can bring speeds of 10 gb/second to homes.
  • Thirdly, the use of cell phone should be recognized like it acts as a radiating device.
  • Finally cell phones should be redesigned to minimize user exposures.
  • This will result in reduction by factors of 100 and then use them intelligently and don՚t make them a substitute for workstations.

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