The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and India Sign $150 Million Loan to Improve Regional Connectivity (Download PDF)


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Asian Development Bank (ADB) & GoI signed $150 Million Loan to finance continued improvements to road connectivity & efficiency of International Trade Corridor in West Bengal & North-Eastern Region of India.

Image of Asian Development Bank

Image of Asian Development Bank

Image of Asian Development Bank

  • 2nd tranche loan agreement for $500 million South Asia Sub Regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Road Connectivity Investment Program.

  • It was approved in 2014, to expand about 500 km of roads in India’s North Bengal & northeastern region.

  • 2nd tranche will upgrade:

  • about 66 km of national highways in Manipur,

  • construct about 1.5 km of international bridge b/w India & Nepal,

  • Provide additional financing for construction of about 103 km of state highway in Manipur.

  • Project will reduce transaction costs along targeted cross-border corridors substantially, creating economies of scale & commercial prosperity.

Asian Development Bank

  • Established in – 1966

  • Headquarter – Mandaluyong, Philippines

  • Membership: 67 members - 48 from region.

  • ln 2017, ADB operations totalled $32.2 billion, including $11.9 billion in co-financing.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 14, 2018

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