The Economic Survey - 2018 (Download PDF)

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The Economic survey can be divided in to 2 volumes. The details of each and every chapter will be covered in detailed in separate sections. These are really important for your answer writing as some of the questions are directly clear from the sections for example, cooperative competitive federalism, son meta preference, economic convergence, decoupling etc. Those which are underlined form an important section all the news summary. Go through those carefully.

Volume-1 contains

Chapter 1: State of the Economy: Analytical Overview and Outlook for Policy.

Chapter 2: A New, Exciting Bird՚s-EYE view of Indian Economy through the GST.

Chapter 3: Investment and Saving Slowdowns and Recoveries: Cross country Insights for India

Chapter 4: Reconciling Fiscal Federalism and Accountability: Is there a low equilibrium trap?

Chapter 5: Is there a “Late Converger Stall” in Economic development? Can India escape it?

Chapter 6: Climate, Climate change and Agriculture

Chapter 7: Gender and Son Meta -Preference: IS development itself an antidote?

Chapter 8: Transforming science and technology in India

Chapter 9: Ease of doing Business՚ Next frontier: Timely justice.

Volume 2 contains

Chapter 1: An overview of India՚s Economic performance in 2017 - 18

Chapter 2: Review of Fiscal developments

Chapter 3: Monetary management and Financial Intermediation

Chapter 4: Prices and Inflation

Chapter 5: Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate change

Chapter 6: External Sector

Chapter 7: Agriculture and Food management

Chapter 8: Industry and Infrastructure

Chapter 9: Services Sector

Chapter 10: Social Infrastructure, Employment and Human development

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