The First Female Secretary General of FIFA Council: Fatma Samoura (Download PDF)

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Fatma Samba DioufSamoura a Senegalese UN representative becomes first female Secretary General of FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) Council as FIFA President Gianni announced at the 66th FIFA Assembly held in Mexico City.

Fatma Samba

About Fatma Samba

  • Fatma samba born in 1962 at Senegal.
  • She is a Senegalese senior United Nations (UN) official.
  • At the present time she is the most senior UN official inNigeria.
  • She was designated as first female FIFA՚sSecretary General on 13 May 2016
  • She has rich practice of 21 years with United States.
  • Presently, Samoura is serving as United Nation՚s Local/Charitable Manager and UNDP Resident Representative in Nigeria.
  • She had started her UN profession in 1995 as elder logistics officer with the World Food Programme in Rome, Italy.
  • Fatma Samoura is married and has three children.

About FIFA council

  • The FIFA Council is link with football.
  • The body is non-executive, regulatory and strategic body that sets the dream for FIFA and global football.
  • Its members are selected by the FIFA Assembly.
  • Until their particular positions face re-election at their particular association all current members of the team will remain in role.
  • The Executive Team is made up of a President which is elected by the Assembly in the year following a FIFA World Cup, eight vice-presidents and 15 members, appointed by the associations, and one female member elected by the Assembly.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 16, 2016

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